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Noise Heard in Final Second of Russian Plane's Cockpit Recording

The noise could support the theory a bomb brought down the plane

(Newser) - A noise was heard in the last second of the cockpit voice recording from the Russian plane that crashed last week in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, the head of the joint investigation team said Saturday, bolstering US and British suspicions that the plane was brought down by a bomb. However,... More »

Lufthansa, Air France Reroute Flights After Egypt Crash

Airlines say they'll avoid Sinai Peninsula until they know why Russian plan crashed

(Newser) - Lufthansa and Air France will be diverting flights around the Sinai Peninsula until they know why a Russian passenger plane crashed there Saturday , Reuters reports. "We took the decision to avoid the area because the situation and the reasons for the crash were not clear," a Lufthansa spokesperson... More »

No Survivors After Russian Jet Crashes in Egypt

ISIS claims responsibility for crash that killed 224

(Newser) - A Russian aircraft carrying 224 people, including 17 children, crashed Saturday in a remote mountainous region in the Sinai Peninsula about 20 minutes after taking off from a Red Sea resort popular with Russian tourists, the Egyptian government says. There were no survivors, according to the Russian Embassy in Cairo.... More »

ISIS Affiliate Kills 26 in Egypt Attacks

More than a dozen Sinai targets hit

(Newser) - An Egyptian militant group affiliated with ISIS has claimed responsibility for coordinated and simultaneous attacks that struck more than a dozen army and police targets in three towns in the restive Sinai Peninsula yesterday, killing at least 26 security officers. The wide-ranging attacks required a previously unseen level of coordination.... More »

Morsi Supporters Plan Rally Amid New Violence

Army: We'll allow 'peaceful protest'

(Newser) - Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi are fuming over the military's clampdown after Brotherhood leaders were arrested and Morsi detained. Arrest warrants are out for some 300 members of the group, the BBC reports. "What kind of national reconciliation starts with arresting people?" asks the son... More »

4 Dead After Shootout on Israel-Egypt Border

Israeli soldier dead, along with three militants trying to cross over

(Newser) - An Israeli soldier died today in a shootout that also killed three Islamic militants attempting to infiltrate the country from Egypt with an eye toward carrying out a terror attack in the Jewish state, the Israeli military said. The attack highlighted the growing threat of violence along Israel's border... More »

Egyptian Forces Kill 7 Suspected Militants in Sinai

Assault a response to last Sunday's killing of 16 Egyptian soldiers

(Newser) - Security officials say Egyptian government forces have killed seven suspected militants during raids against hideouts in a village south of the town of el-Arish in northern Sinai. They said today's raids took place in al-Ghora village, some 19 miles south of el-Arish. More »

Egypt Deploys Troops, Tanks in Sinai Offensive

Army shuts down smugglers' tunnels to Gaza

(Newser) - Egypt's offensive in Sinai is growing. Yesterday saw missiles fired following a series of attacks on government forces; today, officials are sending troops and armored vehicles, including tanks, to the peninsula. Meanwhile, the military is closing off illegal tunnels across the border into Gaza; the 1,200 passageways, typically... More »

Egypt Fires Missiles in Sinai for 1st Time Since 1973

Airstrikes target militants after attacks Sunday, last night

(Newser) - Egypt launched its first air attacks in the Sinai Peninsula in nearly four decades in the early hours of today, using helicopters to kill suspected militants close to the border, reports the New York Times . State media puts the toll at 20. The airstrikes came after another assault on at... More »

Militants Burst Across Israeli Border From Egypt, Kill 1

Gunmen attack Israeli workers with anti-tank missiles

(Newser) - Militants crossed from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula into Israel this morning, attacking civilians working on a border fence with anti-tank missiles, killing one Israeli workman, reports the AP . Israeli security forces responded by killing two of the militants, and are looking for more possible attackers. Later this morning, the Israeli... More »

Egypt Yanks Ambassador to Israel

Situation deteriorating rapidly after

(Newser) - Egypt today recalled its ambassador from Israel to protest the deaths of at least three Egyptian troops killed in a shootout between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants who had launched a deadly attack on Israel from Egyptian soil. The decision sharply escalated tensions between the neighboring countries, whose landmark 1979... More »

Israel Hit by Multiple Coordinated Terror Attacks

At least five dead in attacks near Egypt border

(Newser) - Assailants armed with heavy weapons, guns, and explosives launched three attacks in quick succession in southern Israel near the border with Egypt's Sinai Peninsula today, killing at least five people and wounding about a dozen more, officials say. The rare violence in that part of the country targeted a... More »

Amid Kidnap Threat, Israel Warns Citizens to Flee Sinai

Hamas believed to be behind plot to abduct Israeli tourists

(Newser) - Israel is urging all of its citizens vacationing in Sinai to leave immediately. Anti-terror officials say they have "concrete intelligence" of a Hamas plot to abduct Israelis from one of the resorts in the Egyptian peninsula, the Telegraph reports. Tens of thousands of Israelis are believed to be in... More »

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