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Politician Tweets Request to Have Muslim Journo Stoned

Tory Gareth Compton sorry for 'ill conceived attempt at humor'

(Newser) - A conservative British politician has been arrested after jokingly asking on Twitter for someone to "stone" a pesky Muslim reporter. Can "someone please stone Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to death?" asked Birmingham Councillor Gareth Compton. " I shan't tell Amnesty. It would be a blessing, really." The reporter considers... More »

Ari Fleischer: Fire Helen Thomas

She tells Israelis to go back to Poland, Germany

(Newser) - Helen Thomas continues to draw serious heat for a YouTube interview (see it in the gallery) in which she tells Israelis to "get the hell out of Palestine" and go back to where they came from. Former Bush press chief Ari Fleischer has joined the chorus, calling for Thomas... More »

CNN Sues 'iReporter' for Saying He Works for CNN

'Correspondent' hit with trademark suit

(Newser) - CNN has boastfully added a horde of new unpaid citizen reporters to its ranks, but is now suing an "ireporter" for falsely claiming to work for CNN. Robert Paisola of Utah, who describes himself on a website as a "debt colllector abuse advocate and timeshare scam protector,"... More »

3 Stories