Laura Hall

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Woman Banned From Every UK Bar Arrested for Drinking

Laura Hall also swore at a cop

(Newser) - Note to Laura Hall: Once you’ve been banned from every bar in the United Kingdom, it’s probably not a good idea to drunkenly yell at a police officer that you “want to go to the f****** offie to buy some beer!” But that is what Hall... More »

Woman Banned From Every UK Bar

Laura Wilson, 20, gets a 2-year timeout from booze

(Newser) - A 20-year-old woman is the first person ever banned from buying or drinking alcohol anywhere in England or Wales. The police issued Laura Hall a Drinking Banning Order, which prohibits her from entering bars, pubs, clubs, or other establishments that sell alcohol. If she does, she risks a $3,800... More »

2 Stories