Tennessee flooding

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Creepy Critters Flee Rising Mississippi

Animals being forced into residential areas around region

(Newser) - The Mississippi's record flooding is forcing out snakes, spiders, and other dangerous critters into Memphis and other residential areas in the region, reports ABC News . The biggest danger is probably the venomous snakes known as water moccasins or cottonmouths, which swim well and are aggressive under stress. "They... More »

Mississippi Expected to Crest Tonight in Memphis

River will likely reach near-record of 48 feet

(Newser) - The Mississippi River could crest as soon as 7pm tonight in Memphis, an earlier forecast than previous predictions . Even so, Mayor AC Wharton tells CBS News , "we're ready for it." Door-to-door warnings alerted residents to evacuate over the weekend, and patrols have been stepped up to prevent... More »

Disaster Slowly Flowing Down the Mississippi River

Disaster areas declared as Big Muddy reaches record levels

(Newser) - A slow-moving disaster is making its way down the Mississippi River. Authorities fear that floodwaters will exceed records set during the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, one of the greatest natural disasters in American history. Tributaries that flow into the Mississippi are already backing up, and disaster areas have been... More »

Sandra Surprises Benefit Concert

America's sweetheart can also play guitar! Kinda

(Newser) - Sandra Bullock made a surprise appearance at a Nashville benefit concert last night, and showed off her guitar skills—or lack thereof—to the crowd. “I'm going to bring the house down,” she promised, before going into a beginner’s rendition of “Smoke On the Water”—... More »

Flooding Quiets Nashville's Music

Waters are receding, but cleanup will be time-consuming

(Newser) - While city officials reported progress today restoring Nashville's electrical and water systems after a devastating flood, the downtown remained dark, homes were sodden, and patience was wearing thin four days after flash flooding and storms blamed for at least 29 deaths in three states. Nashville's country music scene also began... More »

Southeast Flood Toll Hits 27

Deluged Tennessee calls for federal help

(Newser) - The death toll from storms that lashed the Southeast over the weekend has now hit 27, and lawmakers in Tennessee warn that the cleanup bill will be in the billions. Much of Nashville remains flooded and authorities fear that the still-rising Cumberland River will swamp the city's only working water... More »

Artsy Video Captures Tennessee Flood

High-quality disaster shots stun YouTube

(Newser) - Today's YouTube sensation doesn't feature funny animals, drug-addled kids, or any of the other usual viral video tomfoolery. It's actually kind of a downer. But photographer Michael Deppisch's moving montage of the flooding in Nashville is worth watching anyway. After all, as Mashable points out, amateur disaster videos tend to... More »

Storms Kill 15 in Southeast

Tennessee, Mississippi especially hard hit

(Newser) - Severe thunderstorms in the Southeast killed at least 15 people over the weekend as floodwaters destroyed homes and flooded roads. Tennessee was particularly hard hit, with at least 11 confirmed deaths, AP reports. In Mississippi, one man drowned as his car was submerged under the rushing waters, and 2 others... More »

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