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Lance Armstrong Settles $100M Lawsuit for Far Less

He also has to pay legal costs of Floyd Landis

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong has put his last legal action behind him, settling the federal government's $100 million lawsuit for $5 million. The government had been seeking damages under the False Claims Act because the disgraced cyclist used performance-enhancing drugs while his team was sponsored by the US Postal Service, CNN... More »

Gov't Sues Armstrong for USPS Money

Department of Justice actually wants 3x the sponsorship funds

(Newser) - All that money the US Postal Service spent to sponsor Lance Armstrong's cycling team? The Justice Department wants it back, and more. It filed a lawsuit against the cyclist and his company last night, just as its deadline to do so was about to expire. Armstrong's doping was,... More »

Justice Department Joins Suit Against Armstrong

Teaming with Floyd Landis

(Newser) - The Justice Department has jumped onto Floyd Landis' lawsuit against Lance Armstrong, arguing that the disgraced cyclist defrauded the government by violating its ban on illegal drugs while under contract to race for the US Postal Service team. The government is asking for around $100 million, or about three times... More »

Now Armstrong's Olympic Bronze Under Investigation

IOC to 'immediately start the process' of reviewing Sydney win

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong's fireplace mantel could get a little emptier: The International Olympic Committee today announced that it will investigate the cyclist's 2000 Olympics win. Armstrong took a time trial bronze at Sydney, reports Reuters . "The IOC will now immediately start the process concerning the involvement of Lance... More »

Armstrong's Downfall Had Surprising Beginning

Blame the 'tattooed guy' who got busted and talked

(Newser) - When professional cyclist and tattoo artist Kayle Leogrande was busted for doping, he never imagined it would lead to the downfall of one of the most celebrated bikers of all time. But that's pretty much what happened, explains the New York Times . The heavily tatted biker was an aspiring... More »

How Lance Armstrong Got Away With It

One clever technique: Hiding

(Newser) - Lance Armstrong's oft-repeated claim that he'd never tested positive for doping was the result of some elaborate masking techniques —and some less-sophisticated methods, like hiding from testers, according to a US Anti-Doping Agency report. Cyclists have to keep national anti-doping groups updated on their whereabouts. But if... More »

60 Minutes: Armstrong Urged Teammates to Dope

Champ continues to deny mounting charges

(Newser) - Not only did Lance Armstrong use banned substances to boost his cycling performance, he helped lead a systematic doping program on his team by encouraging and promoting the deception along with managers and doctors, according to a 60 Minutes report. "He obviously was the biggest rider in the team... More »

Landis Tried to Blackmail Armstrong: Lawyers

Attorneys blast 'false and incredible concoctions'

(Newser) - Floyd Landis' blockbuster accusation that Lance Armstrong and their teammates were doping—and his admission that he was, too—was nothing more than an extortion attempt, lawyers for Armstrong's racing team said today. Armstrong "told Landis he had nothing to hide and that he was not going to submit... More »

Ouch: Armstrong Denies Doping, Then Crashes

'I have nothing to hide' cyclist declares

(Newser) - Lance Armstong held a hasty press conference today before the fifth stage of the Tour de California to refute Floyd Landis' doping allegations . “I have nothing to hide,” he declared. “I think history speaks for itself here.” (Maybe still a little distracted, he then suffered a... More »

Landis Admits Doping, Says Lance Did It, Too

Authorities told of elaborate regimen used by entire US team

(Newser) - Floyd Landis might just be the Jose Canseco of cycling. The disgraced cyclist has sent letters to the US Anti-Doping Agency and the FDA agent who broke the BALCO case outlining an elaborate doping regimen used by the entire US Postal Service Cycling Team from 2002 to 2005, the New ... More »

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