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8 'Health' Foods That Aren't So Healthy

Vitamin Water packs a lot more than just vitamins

(Newser) - Sure, an apple is a nutrient-filled snack, but so is a chocolate-chip peanut butter energy bar, right? Cracked blows the whistle on eight tasty "health" foods that actually aren't so good for our heath:
  1. Vitamin Water: As if the fact that it's owned by Coca-Cola isn't enough of a
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9 Not-So-Good 'Good' Foods

That bran muffin might not be doing your body the wonders you thought

(Newser) - The authors of Eat This, Not That! provided Men's Health with 9 foods that aren't as healthy as they claim. Replace your:
  1. Bran muffin (420 calories, 20g fat) with ham, egg, and cheese on an English muffin (300 calories, 12g fat)
  2. Chicken Caesar salad (900 calories, 60g fat) with grilled
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2 Stories