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Finally, Equal Pay for Women ... in the Year 2186

WEF report shows progress on gender wage gap is slowing—or even reversing

(Newser) - Women may now be equal with men in terms of their drinking , but it could take another 170 years for them to achieve pay parity, Reuters reports. The World Economic Forum said Tuesday that even though last year's guesstimate put gender paycheck equality at around the year 2133, that... More »

'Hormone Case' Guys Not Fit for Politics

They can't power penis and brain at same time, notes Robin Williams

(Newser) - Get a grip, fellas. Obviously, many of you have runaway hormone issues that make it impossible for you to behave responsibly in public office. Yet popular culture has always insisted that "women can't be be trusted in positions of power because their judgment might be addled by raging... More »

Barack Obama Is a Woman

He's paying the price for his talk-it-out mentality

(Newser) - If Bill Clinton was our first black president, “then Barack Obama may be our first woman president,” writes Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post . He's not exactly girlie, but he's “suffering from a rhetorical-testosterone deficit.” Much as Toni Morrison wrote that Clinton “displays almost every... More »

Leggy Palin Pic Is Gender Neutral: Newsweek

Nothing sexist about leggy cover, says editor

(Newser) - A Newsweek cover of Sarah Palin in running shorts showing lots of leg met a "gender neutral" standard despite Palin's complaints of sexism, said the magazine's editor. "We chose the most interesting image available to us to illustrate the theme," Jon Meacham said in a statement provided... More »

Top-Selling US Bible Due for Translation Update in 2011

Translators promise to revisit TNIV's gender-neutral revisions

(Newser) - The New International Version of the Bible will get an update in 2011 as scholars adapt translations to contemporary English usage, USA Today reports. The top-selling Bible translation in North America has not been updated for 25 years, with a proposed 1997 edition scuttled after provoking a contentious debate among... More »

Parents of Daughters Lean Left: Study

(Newser) - A new study shows that parents with daughters are more likely to align themselves with left-wing parties, reports. Building on earlier research that showed that parents of daughters leaned left on gender issues, sociologists surveyed a nationally representative random sampling of men and women, mostly from Great Britain.... More »

Palin's Flop Shows Gender Doesn't Sway Women Voters

It's the agenda, stupid: Goodman

(Newser) - This election showed a female candidate won’t automatically draw women’s votes if most women disagree with her on the issues, Ellen Goodman writes in the Boston Globe: “It’s not the gender … but the agenda.” With women traditionally putting economic issues—and more governmental control—... More »

How About a Sex Speech, Obama?

Candidate should do for gender what he did for race

(Newser) -  It’s a shame that Hillary Clinton never gave a speech about gender to match Barack Obama’s speech about race, writes Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times. So why not make that speech yourself, Barack? Kristof even has the talking points for you:
  • Racism is deeper, but
... More »

Why White Men Are Warming Up to Hillary

Is Clinton drawing more male voters because she's jumped the gender divide?

(Newser) - When a woman makes it to the White House, it will be thanks largely to Hillary Clinton's demonstration of late that she could move beyond annoying stereotypes of the strong female, writes Susan Faludi in the New York Times. Instead of being a goody-goody rules-pusher—"the purse-lipped killjoy who... More »

Loser Sues Winner for Falsifying Sex

Defeated Georgia challenger says 'transgender' incumbent defrauded voters

(Newser) - A defeated city council candidate is accusing the victorious incumbent, Michelle Bruce, of deceiving voters by identifying herself as female. Plaintiff Georgia Fuller’s lawyers say voters in Riverdale, Georgia, tend to favor female candidates. “It gives her an unfair advantage, it’s not just sour grapes,” said... More »

On the Trail, Simmering Gender War Heats Up

Perceived attack on Clinton sharpens focus

(Newser) - That Hillary Clinton is breaking the gender barrier in the presidential primaries is not news, but fallout from last week’s Democratic debate is bringing to a head questions of how to campaign as a woman and how to campaign against one. Supporters saw discrimination even as critics accused Clinton... More »

China to Punish Parents Who Abort Girls

Families' desire for boys is creating gender imbalance

(Newser) - China is designing new rules to stop parents from aborting female fetuses, the BBC reports. Parents are currently allowed only one child and often abort girls, worried that they won't be able to support the family. This back-room practice is creating a growing gender imbalance: Now Beijing plans stricter punishments... More »

Girl Talk from Transsexual Sports Columnist

Mike Penner returns as Christine Daniels

(Newser) - Mike Penner is back in business as a sports writer for the Los Angeles Times, but under a new byline: Christine Daniels. In an interview with NPR, Daniels talks about the decision to come out as a transsexual, the response she got after writing about it in her column in... More »

In Workplace, Haggling Widens Gender Gap

Study shows women's smoother elbows may be holding them back

(Newser) - Women are less likely to initiate negotiations for promotions and raises, which may help explain salary and career gaps between the genders, according to new research. "There is an economic rationale to negotiate, but you have to weigh that against social risks of negotiating,"' one researcher says.... More »

Crossfire Over Hillary's Cleavage

Candidate's neckline raises eyebrows, voices. How low can you go?

(Newser) - A senior adviser to Hillary Clinton released a letter yesterday condemning a Washington Post columnist for noting a cleavage-baring outfit the Senator wore in a televised speech last week. In a fundraising flyer, Ann Lewis called Robin Givhan's piece "grossly inappropriate," and urged donors to help fight treatment... More »

Rumor Has It, Gossip Is Good

New study reveals ins and outs of the grapevine

(Newser) - Have you heard the latest? There's nothing wrong with gossip. Passing on juicy tidbits can act as a social lubricant, and a new study shows that kibitzers carefully control what they send down the grapevine: good things about friends and bad things about same-sex rivals. “It’s a social... More »

Barack, Hillary Swap Gender Roles for '08

Frontrunners attempt opposite-sex appeal, Salon's Scherer says

(Newser) - In the Democrats' dramatic race to the White House, Michael Scherer writes in Salon, “the leading man is a woman and the leading woman is a man." While Barack Obama soothes audiences with his nurturing baritone, Hillary Clinton attempts to parry the disadvantages of a female candidacy with... More »

Brits Fight Genital Mutilation

Outlawed practice persists; offer reward for info

(Newser) - Britain is cracking down on female genital mutilation, banned in 2003 but still prevalent among immigrants from Africa and the Mideast. A campaign that begins today aims to raise awareness and enlist help in tracking down those who arrange or carry out the procedure, done on an estimated 400 to... More »

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