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Report Blasts Safety at Apple's China Factories

Company ranks dead last, say Chinese environmental groups

(Newser) - Chinese environmental groups say Apple hasn’t responded to health and pollution concerns at supplier factories. A report ranks 29 multinational tech companies on their responsiveness to inquiries about conditions at supplier factories; Apple comes in last, the Financial Times reports. The report cites Apple’s failure to respond to... More »

Foxconn Ends Suicide Payments to Families

Says 'condolence' payouts of 10 years' wages were acting as incentives

(Newser) - The suicide-plagued Chinese electronics plant Foxconn will no longer be giving money to the families of employees who kill themselves. The company, which previously paid victims' families more than $14,000 each—equivalent to 10 years' wages—explained the move by saying it fears the generous compensation was motivating workers... More »

Apple 'Suicide Plant' Hikes Wages Again

Foxconn announces 66% performance-based pay raise

(Newser) - The owners of a suicide-plagued electronics plant in southern China have announced the second pay rise in under a week. Foxconn employees, who received a 30% across-the-board hike last week, will be eligible for a 66% performance-based pay rise if they pass a 3-month performance review, Reuters reports. Execs say... More »

We're All Guilty in 'iPad Suicides'

Foxconn workers work crazy hours to build our toys for cheap

(Newser) - At least 10 young workers at China's Foxconn factory have killed themselves this year, and you could argue that pretty much everyone reading this was in some way complicit in their deaths. Why? Because Foxconn makes products for Apple, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Nintendo and more, so odds are that at... More »

Steve Jobs 'Troubled' by Apple Plant Suicides

But China factory is 'no sweatshop,' says boss

(Newser) - The situation at a suicide-plagued plant making Apple components in China is "troubling" but the factory is no sweatshop, Steve Jobs told a tech conference last night. "It's a difficult situation," said Jobs, who was making his first appearance at the All Things Digital conference since 2007.... More »

Suicide Factory Hikes Wages 20%

Company hopes for 'morale boost' after 10 employees jumped to their deaths

(Newser) - Foxconn, the electronics manufacturer hit by suicides of unhappy workers at its main plant in China, says it will raise wages by 20%. The company, which makes parts and assembles products for Apple, Sony, Dell and Hewlett-Packard, claims the raise has been in the works for months in response to... More »

13th Worker Attempts Suicide at China Plant

Man survives cutting himself at tech industry supplier

(Newser) - A Foxconn Technology worker tried to kill himself today, becoming the 13th person to commit suicide or attempt to do so this year at the company, which makes high-tech products for industry giants such as Apple, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard. Police said the 25-year-old man survived after cutting himself in his... More »

10th Suicide Strikes Apple Plant

Chinese worker kills himself hours after boss seeks to reassure media

(Newser) - On the same day that Apple, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard promised to look into working conditions at China's Foxconn plant, a 10th worker committed suicide, PC World reports. The death of the 19-year-old male worker also came just after the company's billionaire founder took the media on a tour of the... More »

9th Apple Plant Worker Commits Suicide

China suicide cluster baffles manufacturer

(Newser) - A 21-year-old man who jumped out a window to his death Saturday marks the ninth suicide of a worker at Foxconn, the Taiwanese-owned manufacturer of iPhones and iPods. The deaths of young employees—combined with the fact that the company says it has prevented some 30 suicides in the past... More »

Worker Kills Himself Over AWOL iPhone 4G Prototype

(Newser) - A Chinese worker accused of stealing an iPhone 4G prototype jumped to his death from the 12th floor of his apartment building in the southern city of Shenzhen, the BBC reports. The man, 25, responsible for shipping 16 iPhone prototypes to Apple, had reported one missing. His friends say he... More »

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