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Rahm Emanuel Faces Chicago's First Runoff for Mayor

He fails to win 50% of the vote needed to secure 2nd term

(Newser) - Chicago will hold its very first mayoral runoff election, because incumbent Rahm Emanuel failed to win the 50% of the vote that he needed in yesterday's election to secure a second term. He got just 45.4%, and Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia got 33.9%; they'... More »

Chicago Cops Sue City, Say Mayor Rahm Played Politics

They were booted from his security detail, replaced by supporters

(Newser) - Eleven Chicago cops have sued the city, accusing Mayor Rahm Emanuel of playing politics with his security detail. They say they were removed from the detail and replaced by officers who worked on Emanuel's campaign in some fashion, reports the Chicago Tribune . The officers, all of whom are Hispanic... More »

Chicago Swears In Emanuel

New mayor calls for change, sacrifice to address city's woes

(Newser) - It was a departure of sorts for Rahm Emanuel today, a swearing in, as opposed to the swearing at he's famously used to. The potty-mouthed former White House chief of staff today became Chicago's first new mayor in two decades, taking the oath of office and officially marking... More »

Why Rahm Might Be a One-Termer

Challenges facing Chicago require painful solutions

(Newser) - Rahm Emanuel won the Chicago mayor’s race—but will he be able to keep the job for more than one term? The Sun-Times , the Tribune , and the New York Times take a look at the many, many challenges facing him:
  • Financial crisis: Chicago is on the brink of bankruptcy.
... More »

Rahm Emanuel Wins in Chicago, Avoids Runoff

He easily triumphs in city's race for mayor

(Newser) - Rahm Emanuel has been elected mayor of Chicago, and he won't even need a runoff. With 86% of the precincts reporting, Emanuel was trouncing five opponents with 55% of the vote. Emanuel needed more than 50% of the vote to win outright. The other major candidates—former Chicago schools president... More »

Chicago Votes Today: Rahm Smells Like the Winner

So the big question is: Will he win now, or after a run-off?

(Newser) - After a campaign fraught with uncertainty , Rahm Emanuel now seems poised to win today’s election and become Chicago’s next mayor—but the only lingering question is whether or not he'll actually win today. If he can’t take more than 50% of the vote, he’ll face a... More »

Court: Rahm Emanuel Can Run for Mayor

State's high court keeps him on the ballot in Chicago

(Newser) - The Illinois Supreme Court put Rahm Emanuel back on the ballot for Chicago mayor today, reviving his campaign to lead the country's third-largest city. In the unanimous ruling, the justices called the appeals court's basis for deciding that Emanuel could not be on the ballot "without any foundation in... More »

Rahm: 'We Will Prevail'

But court defeat has invigorated Emanuel's opponents

(Newser) - For someone who just got kicked off the Chicago mayoral ballot , Rahm Emanuel is sounding pretty optimistic, saying that despite the setback, he's confident of winning his appeal in the state's highest court. "I have no doubt that in the end we will prevail in this effort," Emanuel... More »

Court Kicks Rahm Out of Mayor's Race

Appeals court says he doesn't meet residency requirement

(Newser) - An Illinois appeals court struck Rahm Emanuel's name from Chicago’s mayoral ballot today, according to the Chicago Sun-Times . In a 2-1 ruling, the court declared that Emanuel hadn’t met the residency requirements to run. “We order that the candidate’s name be excluded (or if necessary, be... More »

Rahm Not Eligible for Mayor Job: Lawsuit

Meanwhile, Emanuel's tenant decides to run against him

(Newser) - Two pieces of bad news for Rahm Emanuel: One, his stubborn tenant is, in fact, running for Chicago mayor against him. Two, the fact that he’s running brings attention to the belief that Emanuel isn’t a Chicago resident—which is exactly what two residents charge in a lawsuit... More »

Rahm's Renter Weighs a Run Against Him

GOP tries to recruit Emanuel's stubborn tenant Rob Halpin

(Newser) - Remember Rob Halpin , the guy who won’t let Rahm Emanuel move back into his Chicago home? Well, he’s considering running for mayor against his landlord, John Kass of the Chicago Tribune reports. “This was not my idea,” Halpin tells Kass. “I was approached by some... More »

Rahm Jumps Into Rough Mayoral Race

Opponents waste no time throwing elbows

(Newser) - Rahm Emanuel officially announced his run for mayor of Chicago yesterday with this YouTube video, staring into the camera and promising to make a “Tell It Like It Is” tour around the city’s neighborhoods. “I want to hear from you in blunt terms,” Emanuel said. And... More »

Rahm May Announce White House Exit This Week

Chief of staff 'close to decision' on Chicago mayoral bid

(Newser) - White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is nearing a decision on whether to quit his job to run for mayor of Chicago, and could make an announcement as soon as this week, sources say. "Because of family considerations, no final decision has been made," a source tells... More »

Rahm Begins Polling to Test Mayoral Run

Obama chief of staff also gets his Chicago pals involved

(Newser) - Rahm Emanuel is taking his first tangible steps toward an expected run for the Chicago mayor's seat. His longtime pollster has begun surveying city residents, reports Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times . "Sources told me that polling calls for Emanuel were being made over the weekend and that Emanuel... More »

Koran-Burning a 'Bonanza for al-Qaeda': Obama

President fears 'stunt' will endanger troops, lead to violence

(Newser) - President Obama weighed in on the Koran-burning controversy for the first time today, calling it "a recruitment bonanza for al-Qaeda." His comments came during an interview with George Stephanopoulos airing today on Good Morning America . Highlights:
  • His message to Pastor Terry Jones: "This stunt that he is
... More »

Obama for Chicago Mayor!

Forget president—here's a job he's much more suited to

(Newser) - Reihan Salam's career advice for Barack Obama: Give up the presidency and run for mayor of Chicago. No, wait, he's serious! Richard Daley's decision to retire has thrown the city into a tizzy, and who better to take over than a person who knows Chicago's neighborhoods, feels "passionately" about... More »

Chicago's Mayor Daley Won't Run Again

Emanuel has said he'd love the job

(Newser) - One of the nation's most powerful mayors is calling it quits. Chicago's Richard Daley says he won't run for re-election next year after 21 years in office, the Tribune reports. Speculation is sure to turn to Rahm Emanuel, who's rumored to be on his way out as White House chief... More »

Rahm Emanuel: Report I'm Quitting Is 'BS'

Chief of Staff planning to move family to DC

(Newser) - Rahm Emanuel is not happy about the report that he’s leaving the White House after the midterm elections. “This is BS. And if you need it for translation, it is baseless,” the White House chief of staff said in a statement today. Rumors have circulated that Emanuel... More »

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