Lindsay Lohan fingernail

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Glenn Beck Takes Page From LiLo Handbook

Has a message for MSNBC...on his fingernails

(Newser) - Glenn Beck whipped out more than his chalkboards last night. During a segment in which he tied MSNBC's low ratings to its coverage of super relevant stories like jailbird Lindsay Lohan, Beck said, "Did you hear she wrote something on her fingernails? I saw it on MSNBC—hey MSNBC.... More »

Lindsay, Go 'F' Yourself

That finger should have been pointed backwards

(Newser) - It’s safe to say Andrea Peyser is not a fan of “blubbering, bawling mega boob Lindsay Lohan.” Lohan is—among other things—a “pathologically spoiled, drug-addled skank” whose 90-day jail sentence is just the latest in a series of “epic failures as a sentient human,... More »

This Could Get LiLo More Jail

And it probably won't help that she called judge a 'b***h'

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan’s “f*** u” fingernail message might have been a “joke” to her, but it could land the troubled actress in jail for even longer than her 90-day sentence. It was a “creative” and “outrageous” way to land a contempt of court charge, two public... More »

LiLo Flipped Off Court

What not to say to a judge

(Newser) - Next time Lindsay Lohan's at a probation hearing, she might want to skip the message on her middle fingernail that says "eff you." The words can be seen in a blown up Getty photo written on the bird-flipping finger of her left hand as she sits at the... More »

4 Stories