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How to Have a Happier Marriage: Don't Have Kids?

Study finds child-free couples report more satisfying relationships

(Newser) - One way to keep the love alive in your marriage? A new study out of Britain suggests not having kids could do the trick. Research by Open University has found that childless people reported having better, happier, more fulfilling relationships and feeling more valued by their partners, the Telegraph reports.... More »

Why Women Are Going Kid-Free

Hey, conservatives: It's not because of abortion

(Newser) - Just two years ago, only 29% of Americans deemed childlessness bad for society; now, as the percentage of childless-by-choice women grows, 38% denounce that choice. Many of those who decry childlessness are social conservatives who blame the trend on legal abortion, even though 61% of women who have abortions are... More »

2 Stories