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Treat Your Marriage Like Software Code

Says David Auerbach, a married software engineer

(Newser) - No software code is free of bugs, and no marriage is free of hitches. Fortunately, in both cases, those issues can be addressed—using techniques that are surprisingly similar, writes David Auerbach at Slate . He should know: He's a software engineer, and so is his wife. A few of... More »

Desperate NBC May Move Leno to 10:30: BBC Exec

(Newser) - After months of promoting Jay Leno's move to 10pm, NBC may shake up its prime-time schedule again, moving its late local news to 10 and Leno to 10:30, the network's onetime programming head speculates. Garth Ancier, now chief of BBC America, shared his speculation with critics at the summer... More »

MTV Ditches Rich-Kid Shows for Do-Good Obama Era

(Newser) - MTV is hoping to boost its sagging ratings by revamping itself in the image of the do-good Obama Era, reports the New York Times. In a new reality show, The Buried Life, four buddies road trip across the US, checking off the 100 things they hope to do before they... More »

Teen Sex on ABC Family Sparks Debate

Parents complain Secret Life situations are too risqué for kids

(Newser) - Edgier programming  by the Disney-owned ABC Family channel may have boosted ratings and advertising, but many parents are angry about the changes. New series, particularly The Secret Life of the American Teenager, have sparked debate about whether the offerings are truly family programming, reports the Los Angeles Times. Parents concerned... More »

Days May Be Numbered For ESPN Classic

Rumor has channel evolving into a soccer-heavy ESPN3

(Newser) - ESPN has been hyping its coverage of Wednesday's European Champions League final, and the reason might be a soccer fan's dream come true, writes AOL Sports blogger David Warner. An ESPN columnist repeated rumors that the company might be planning to scrap its Classic channel in favor of a new... More »

Outside Sect, Life is Tough

Free from polygamous compounds, escaped women often turn to drugs and alcohol

(Newser) - Even for those women who escape the forced marriages and controlling patriarchy of polygamous sects like the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, life isn’t easy. Many turn to drugs and alcohol to escape the mental burden, CNN reports. And some never leave because they’re programmed to think... More »

Apple Courts iPhone Developers

Releases inexpensive software development kit

(Newser) - Apple is opening up the iPhone to outside programmers. The company said yesterday it would release a $99 software development kit, and the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins has committed $100 million to invest in developers' work, reports the New York Times. iPhones so far have been limited—at least... More »

MIT Makes Programming Child's Play

Computer science goes kid-friendly with a new language, Scratch

(Newser) - The latest programming language to come out of MIT's cutting-edge labs has an unusual audience: sixth-graders. “Scratch” replaces the technobabble of Java and C++ with simplified, jigsaw-shaped pieces of code, which budding programmers can arrange into customized sequences. A test group of 12-year-olds in Massachusetts is already at work... More »

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