Kings of Leon pigeon poop

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10 Gigs Canceled for Odd Reasons

Well, would you want a cup thrown at your head?

(Newser) - Kings of Leon had to stop playing mid-gig Friday thanks to a hail of pigeon poop raining down on them, but they’re not the only musical act that’s been forced to cancel a show for an odd reason. The Daily Mirror rounds up 10 more:
  1. David Bowie: A
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Hail of Pigeon Poop Ends Concert

Kings of Leon forced off St. Louis stage after 3 songs

(Newser) - Musicians for centuries have faced rotten tomatoes from disapproving audiences, but never before what faced the Kings of Leon on Friday night: Taking the stage for a show in St. Louis, the band was forced off after only three songs by a barrage of poop coming from pigeons in the... More »

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