Midnight in Paris

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Faulkner Estate Sues Over Midnight in Paris Quote

Incredibly common quote said with attribution

(Newser) - Maybe you've heard William Faulkner's famous quote, "The past is never dead. It's not even past." Well, don't you dare repeat it. Because Faulkner Literary Rights, a company that owns the rights to many of the literary giant's works, is suing Sony Pictures... More »

Woody to Act in New Film

Baldwin, Cruz, Eisenberg joining Woody Allen for Roman comedy

(Newser) - Woody Allen has announced the cast for his new movie—and it includes Woody Allen. The 75-year-old director, whose new release Midnight In Paris has charmed critics and looks set to attract his biggest audience in years, will have a role in The Bop Decameron, reports the Los Angeles Times... More »

Woody Allen Surprises: Midnight Is a Delight

He opens Cannes with a pleasant comedy

(Newser) - No wonder audiences at Cannes loved the opening film, Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, writes Andrew O'Hehir at Salon . It's a "lightweight, rather silly fantasy about the eternal allure of the City of Light." And while that sounds like the set-up for a negative review,... More »

Carla Bruni Needs 35 Takes Per Scene

Perhaps her prediction of being 'hopeless' was spot-on

(Newser) - Carla Bruni may be Woody Allen’s latest muse , but that doesn’t mean her acting skills are so hot. The French first lady needed 35 takes to film one simple scene in Allen’s Midnight in Paris. Bruni didn’t even have any lines in the scene, which involved... More »

4 Stories