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Malaysia Airlines Nixes 'Bucket List' Contest

Company tries to coax people back on planes with regrettable promo

(Newser) - Even a drunken, washed-up Don Draper would know better than to pitch this: Malaysia Airlines —dogged by the twin tragedies of Flight 370 and Flight 17 and desperate to fill its scads of empty seats — came up with what apparently seemed like a promising promotion: the "My... More »

School's 'Redneck Day' Does Not Go Over Well

Many offended at the stereotype

(Newser) - Questionable idea of the week: The student council at an Arizona high school thought it would be awesome to organize a schoolwide "Redneck Day," in which students would dress up like, well, you get the idea. Needless to say, this did not play out well. The local schools... More »

Latest Really Bad Idea: Dirty Dancing Remake

Reboot officially announced, to little fanfare

(Newser) - Dirty Dancing is getting remade, and not everyone is happy about it. "Deal with it, it's happening, there's nothing you can do about it," declares Kyle Buchanan in New York . Kenny Ortega, who choreographed the original film, will direct the reboot, Lionsgate announced. Ortega went on... More »

Awful New Reality Show: Brides Vie for Plastic Surgery

It gets worse: Unveiling will come at wedding

(Newser) - Just when you thought reality shows couldn't possibly get more awful, E! orders Bridalplasty. The show will feature brides-to-be competing to win plastic surgery procedures. "Extensive surgical procedures," as the Hollywood Reporter puts it (emphasis ours). The wedding-related challenges will include writing vows and planning honeymoons, and the... More »

7 Dumbest VC Investments Ever

(Newser) - So much to choose from; such a short list. Weighing in as the heavyweight champion of all time among venture capitalist bombs—Webvan, the brain-dead effort to use the Internet and a series of high-tech warehouses to deliver low-margin groceries. But at least there was a there there. More »

5 Stories