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$300K Car Crashes 10 Minutes After It's Delivered

That's gotta sting

(Newser) - There was champagne, there was celebrating, there was … probably a lot of noise as some very expensive steel and rubber smashed into a tree. A man in Essex, England, appeared terribly excited to take delivery of his new $313,000 McLaren 650S sports car (a "supercar" that Jalopnik... More »

Man Drives $1M Bugatti Into Lagoon, Ends Up in Prison

Crash was less due to a 'low-flying pelican' than insurance fraud

(Newser) - A Texas man who may or may not have purchased a $1 million car for the express purpose of driving it into a lagoon was sentenced to more than a year in prison Tuesday, KTRE reports. According to the Houston Chronicle , Andy House—who owns a salvage yard for exotic... More »

Man Spots His Stolen Car on eBay—42 Years Later

Texas man reunited with beloved Austin-Healey

(Newser) - Bob Russell never gave up hope of finding his 1967 Austin-Healey after it was stolen from outside a Philadelphia apartment complex in 1970, and 42 years later he has been reunited with his beloved sports car. The 66-year-old retired sales manager, who now lives in Texas, occasionally surfed the Internet... More »

Bizarre Twist Leads Cops to Guy Fieri's Car, a Year Later

Lamborghini found inside teen's storage locker outside SF

(Newser) - Guy Fieri's $200,000 Lamborghini has been found, more than a year after it was stolen , and the story is quite something. Police found the yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder on Saturday inside a storage locker rented by a 17-year-old boy, but their search of the storage locker had nothing... More »

Car Designer Ferdinand Porsche Dies

Yes, that Porsche

(Newser) - The man who designed the first Porsche died today at age 76 in Salzburg, Austria. Ferdinand "Butzi" Porsche was born into the auto business; his grandfather designed the original Volkswagen Beetle, according to the LA Times ' obituary. But it was Ferdinand Porsche who designed the 911 sports car,... More »

$200K Car Stolen From Celeb Chef

Brazen thief makes off with Guy Fieri's Lamborghini

(Newser) - Police in San Francisco are hunting a thief who used climbing gear to break into a swanky car dealership and steal one of the city's most distinctive cars. The bright yellow Lamborghini Gallardo was the property of celebrity chef Guy Fieri, host of Minute to Win It and Diners, Drive-ins ... More »

BBC Apologizes for Mexican Slurs

Mexican cars 'lazy, feckless,' Top Gear presenters say

(Newser) - The BBC has apologized for remarks made by the hosts of a car show following a deluge of complaints from outraged Mexicans. When reviewing the Mexican-made Mastretta sports car, Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond said that cars reflect national characteristics, so "Mexican cars are just going to be lazy,... More »

Speeding Swede Faces $1M Fine

Driver was going 180mph on Swiss road

(Newser) - A 37-year-old Swedish driver won't be forgetting his trip to Switzerland in a hurry. The man faces a record-breaking $1 million maximum fine after being caught driving his Mercedes SLS AMG at 180 miles per hour, over 100 miles per hour over the limit. The Swiss determine speeding fines by... More »

This Is a $1M Car—in a Lagoon

Cellphone and pelican conspire against Texas driver

(Newser) - A Texas driver distracted by a low-flying pelican took an unexpected detour—into 3 feet of water. Andy House, 34, drove a Bugatti Veyron EB, worth about $1 million, into a saltwater lagoon near Galveston. "He was calm,” the driver of the wrecker that took away the waterlogged... More »

Classic Bugatti Sells for $4.5M

1937 model gathered dust in garage for 50 years

(Newser) - A 1937 Bugatti that sat unused for 5 decades has sold at a Paris auction for $4.5 million, the BBC reports. The family of a British doctor found the car in his garage after he died. It's one of only 17 in the world. Despite its age, the Type... More »

Garage Yields Dusty Surprise: $4.3M Bugatti

(Newser) - A rare Bugatti sports car found in a late British doctor’s garage will be auctioned off next month and is expected to fetch at least $4.3 million for his surprised relatives, the AP reports. The Type 57S Atalante, built in 1937, is one of only 17 ever made.... More »

Viper Might Be Luxury Chrysler Can Do Without

Automaker needs to raise $1B, and hot rod looks odd model out

(Newser) - Despite a $1.1 billion operating profit in the first half of the year, Chrysler is hemorrhaging money. In a bid to raise another billion, the company is looking to sell off its iconic Dodge Viper line, BusinessWeek reports. The Viper has sold a mere 594 cars since January, and... More »

Car Lovers Pay $5K for a Spin

140-mph ride is too much for one: 'I tossed my cookies,' he said

(Newser) - Car nuts are flying to Los Angeles and coughing up nearly $5,000 to drive a Porsche 997 Turbo. Why the numbing bill? Because Supercar Life, a fantasy camp, lets motorists spend all day driving a host of pricey cars at outrageous speeds. For many, the 140-mph thrill ride is... More »

Bond's Aston Martin Dumped in the Drink

Stunt driver loses control of $240K sports car

(Newser) - James Bond may be needing a new set of wheels after authorities fished his Aston Martin out of an Italian lake yesterday, the Telegraph reports. A stunt driver lost control of the $240,000 roadster and dumped it in the drink, suffering a few small bruises—but the film, Quantum ... More »

Alfa Romeo Revs Up to US Market

Analysts skeptical due to weak earlier run at American buyers

(Newser) - Italian automaker Alfa Romeo is ready for a second run at the US market, hoping to provide a stylish alternative to BMWs and Audis, the Los Angeles Times reports. A cultural icon in Italy, Alfa failed to win over Americans in the past—and is now sparking skepticism from auto... More »

Electric Car Nails 0 to 60 in 0:04

Britain's Lightning GTS rips up the road with no gas pains

(Newser) - The Lightning GTS—a new all-electric sports car—will go from 0 to 60 in four seconds, the car's British manufacturer claims. Part of a coming boom in electric cars (in Europe anyway), the GTS will travel 250 miles on a 10-minute charge and max out at 130 mph. But... More »

Lexus Reaches for Luxury Cachet

Wealthy suburbanites' car of choice gets high-end makeover

(Newser) - Stodgy luxury standby Lexus is trying to trade up to the hot "prestige luxury" market with a new line of $70,000 and up automobiles.  Along with the new models comes a massive rebranding effort that aims, says a  marketing manager, to get "Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci... More »

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