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More States Restrict Teens' Driving Privileges

New laws include curfews, limits on number of passengers

(Newser) - The days of of the teenage joyride seem to be numbered. Many states are creating laws to clamp down on teen drivers, who historically overestimate their abilities and are more prone to distracted driving , reports the New York Times . All but seven states ban teens from driving with more than... More »

App Lets You Judge Teen Driving

But critics say it encourages texting behind the wheel

(Newser) - Ever sit up wondering about your teenage kid's driving? A Florida dad has designed an app that may allay your fears, the Sun-Sentinel reports. Called , its $15 membership ($10 after the first year) comes with a bumper sticker to put on your teen's car: "How... More »

Pot Smoking Doubles Risk of Car Accident

Study is first to probe link between marijuana and collisions: researchers

(Newser) - Smoking marijuana three hours or less before getting behind the wheel nearly doubles your chance of a major car crash, a study suggests. It's the first study to look at the link between cannabis and crash risk, the Canadian researchers believe. They examined study data for more than 49,... More »

Kids Less Likely to Be Hurt When Grandparents Drive

Insurance claims show 50% fewer injuries than with mom or dad

(Newser) - Kids may be safest in cars when grandma or grandpa are driving instead of mom or dad, according to study results that even made the researchers do a double-take. Previous evidence indicates that car crashes are more common in older drivers, but the study looked at injuries rather than who... More »

City Will Scare Fast Drivers With 3-D Image of Girl

She'll pop up from the road chasing a ball

(Newser) - West Vancouver wants its drivers to be safer and less distracted, so it's going to start scaring the bejeezus out of them with a 3-D image of a girl on the road. "You’ll see this image start to rise off the pavement and it will look like a... More »

5 Stories