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Sea Change: Gatorade Offers Sugarless Version

As consumers turn away from sugar, sports drink market could be changing

(Newser) - Is the era of sugary sports drinks coming to an end? Gatorade is launching its new Gatorade Zero this week, a sports drink with no sugar and no carbohydrates. Gatorade has long dominated the sports drink industry, but as health-conscious consumers have begun eschewing sugar, some have soured on the... More »

Coca-Cola Just Fell Off the Wagon

Its first foray into boozy drinks, Fizzy Lemon-Do, will be available only in Japan

(Newser) - For 132 years, Coca-Cola has stuck to non-alcoholic beverages. No more. On Monday, the company introduced three fizzy lemon drinks in 3%, 5%, and 7% alcohol on the Japanese island of Kyushu, home to 13 million people. Coca-Cola's Lemon-Do falls into Japan's popular "chuhai" category, drinks that... More »

Coke's Newest Offering Has Booze in It

But you'll have to go to Japan to sample Chu-Hi

(Newser) - Coke: the pause that intoxicates. At least in Japan, where the Coca-Cola Co. will now offer a boozy carbonated beverage called Chu-Hi. The Telegraph reports this "alcopop" will be made up of fizzy water, flavoring, and a distilled Japanese alcohol called shochu, which Forbes has described as "the... More »

The West Goes Wild for This Indian Remedy

Turmeric lattes are all the rage

(Newser) - A burger and fries. Coffee and doughnuts. Milk and ... curry spice? If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out on what Saba Imtiaz at the Guardian calls "2016's drink of choice." Cafes from San Francisco to Sydney are selling their own version of the... More »

Hot Drinks May Have 3 Times the Sugar of a Coke

UK health group finds chains' hot flavored beverages are loaded with sugar

(Newser) - Have some hot beverage with your sugar. That's the roundabout finding of a UK health advocacy organization that discovered hot flavored drinks served by chains like Starbucks, McDonald's, and Dunkin' Donuts can contain a "shocking" amount of sugar—sometimes up to 25 teaspoons per serving, or more... More »

We're Now Soothing Our Hangovers With Pedialyte

Baby drink pitched for 'when last night's party threatens to ruin today'

(Newser) - It's in the name: Pedialyte is aimed at small children. But even though that name isn't changing, the drink's target market is, a rep tells MarketWatch . Since 2012, thanks in large part to social media, the oral electrolyte's use has exploded by 60% among the grown-up... More »

Why Drinking From a Can Could Be Dangerous

BPA lining may raise blood pressure

(Newser) - Might want to make your next six-pack glass bottles. Cans and plastic bottles are lined with a controversial chemical called BPA, and while the CDC still says the chemical's health effects are unclear, research on chronic exposure has linked it to high blood pressure and heart rate issues. To... More »

Yum? World's First Coffee Wine Is Here

Available in red or white, in a can

(Newser) - You never knew you wanted it, but it's here anyway. The "wine in a can specialists" at Friends Fun Wine have come up with the world's first coffee-flavored wine—a combination of "the world's most popular Day Drink with the world's most popular Night... More »

Get Ready for the $40K Cocktail

It comes with a 4-carat ruby

(Newser) - Want to impress your date? How about a $40,000 drink? The Ruby Rose cocktail will be available starting in June at a Kennebunk, Maine, restaurant and inn. The secret ingredient: a 4-carat ruby. The idea was a guest's joke, but the White Barn Inn decided to take it... More »

Sauvignon Blanc: The New Safe Drink

Has managed to escape Chardonnay-type backlash

(Newser) - Sauvignon Blanc is officially the new safe drink—it's cheap, consistent, and, all of a sudden, it's everywhere, writes Lettie Teague for the Wall Street Journal . "It's the only wine I drink by the glass," a friend tells Teague. "I feel like I always know what I'm... More »

2010's Hottest Drinks Chill You Out

Red Bull and coffee drinks give way to kava and valerian root

(Newser) - Drinks that wake you up are so last decade—the beverage trend in 2010 will be to ditch the Red Bull or latte for chill-out drinks with sedative ingredients. Beverages featuring chamomile, rose hips, melatonin, and valerian root claim to boost concentration; other "anti-energy" drinks include kava, an intoxicating... More »

Americans Skip Bar, Buy Booze at Grocery Store

Sales of beer, wine surge at convenience shops, drug stores

(Newser) - Recession-strapped Americans are hitting the bar less and less, but they’re not giving up drinking: sales of beer and wine at grocery and convenience stores have ballooned, prompting many shops to start offering alcohol. Between September 2008 and last month, the number of stores selling beer shot up by... More »

Six Good American Gins

(Newser) - Gin has always been the province of the British, but some American distilleries hold their own. Clay Risen takes a look at US bottles worth tasting in the Atlantic.
  • Seagram's Extra Dry: Yeah, it's a mass-market gin, but it's "easily the most drinkable as a straight sip, with a
... More »

Designer Cocktails Call for Designer Ice

(Newser) - Innovation in cocktails has spread to their simplest component, the Globe and Mail reports—ice. “Ice is the equivalent to a stove for a chef,” says one bartender whose watering hole boasts three kinds of frozen water. Another Canadian bar produces seven varieties for different drinks. Mixologists use... More »

Homemade Ginger Ale Adds Fizz to Standby

Great summer drink fits move toward local, natural, artisanal

(Newser) - If you’re still sipping ginger ale from a can, you must be sadly misinformed about the latest drink trend. The cool thing now is ginger ale from scratch, informs the New York Times, and bars and restaurants are catching on. Why put in the extra effort of steeping ginger... More »

A Drink Emerges to Calm Our Red-Bulled Nerves

(Newser) - Readers too hyped up on Red Bull and Rockstar can crack open a new drink to calm down: It's called Drank, Time reports. Makers of the purple-canned "relaxation beverage" say sales are soaring and 7-Eleven has agreed to stock it nationwide. "Something like this gives you a better... More »

Send That Online Pal an Off-Line Drink

'Give Real' allows users to give credits for bars, restaurants

(Newser) - For those who are sick of shelling out to send Facebook friends cupcake icons and virtual champagne bottles for occasions, the startup Give Real has the answer. Through their site (or via a Facebook app), you can buy a friend credits redeemable at nearly any bar or restaurant in America.... More »

Rome Cracks Down on Revelers

New ordinance forbids eating, drinking, noise

(Newser) - Rome's residents and visitors had best behave themselves for the next 4 months: An experimental ordinance bans eating and drinking in the streets of the Eternal City, and cracks down on hooligans who want to "shout, sing or be noisy," Reuters reports. The newly elected mayor enacted the... More »

$600 Coffee 'Processed' by Civets

Java-lovers' treat plucked from droppings of animals who gorge on beans

(Newser) - Move over, Starbucks. Hyper coffee connoisseurs are coughing up $600 for a pound of the world's priciest coffee, a blend plucked from the droppings of a civet, a small Indonesian mammal that forages for fresh coffee beans. Fans describe the taste of kopi luwak as earthy, with a note of... More »

What Do You Get When You Mix Pizza and Beer?

He calls it pizza beer

(Newser) - In a garage in the exurbs of Chicago Tom Seefurth has labored quietly to develop, refine, bottle, and bring to market the ultimate beverage – pizza beer. With a head redolent with oregano, basil, tomatoes and, yes, garlic, he believes he has finally succeeded. And Seefurth has even found an... More »

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