Jacob Isom

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Koran Dude Gets His Dream Honor

High Times plans a story about Jacob Isom's book rescue

(Newser) - The skateboarding dude who saved a Koran from being torched in a Texas park is getting the kind of modest honor a true stoner folk hero apparently dreams of: acclaim in High Times . The doobie bible thanks Jacob Isom for his "bravery in the face of intolerance," and... More »

Skateboarder Saves Koran From Torching

'I snuck up behind him and snatched it'

(Newser) - Sometimes all it takes to stop a debate over torching a Koran is a dude on a skateboard. Texas boarder Jacob Isom has become the latest YouTube folk hero after he rolled up and snatched a kerosene-soaked Koran before it could be set aflame in a local park by the... More »

2 Stories