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Indictment: JonBenet's Parents Aided Killer

1999 documents released

(Newser) - In response to a lawsuit to have the 1999 indictment against JonBenet Ramsey's parents released, four pages of grand jury documents were revealed today; they show that John and Patsy Ramsey would have been indicted with two counts each of child abuse resulting in death, in connection with their... More »

Journo Sues to See JonBenet Indictment

Charlie Brennan had reported on secret indictment in January

(Newser) - JonBenet Ramsey's 1996 death remains in the spotlight. A Boulder Daily Camera exclusive published in January revealed the grand jury had in 1999 voted to indict John and Patsy Ramsey (the charge: child abuse resulting in death), but then-DA Alex Hunter refused to sign the indictment. Now, Camera reporter... More »

13 Years Later, Big Reveal in JonBenet Ramsey Case

Grand jury had actually voted to indict her parents

(Newser) - Another major decade-old case is getting fresh press thanks to a Boulder Daily Camera exclusive. As the paper reports, the district attorney's Oct. 13, 1999, announcement that the grand jury investigation into the death of JonBenet Ramsey had concluded without "sufficient evidence to warrant a filing of charges... More »

Cops Aim to Quiz JonBenet Brother

Investigators will 'never give up,' says journalist

(Newser) - Colorado cops are seeking to again question the older brother of murdered beauty pageant tyke JonBenet Ramsay. Burke Ramsay was just 9 when his 6-year-old sister was found bound with cord, bludgeoned and strangled in the basement of their Boulder home. Burke was questioned and cleared by DNA after the... More »

4 Stories