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Fans to Pats After Overcharge for Tap Water: 'Shame on You'

It was so hot in Foxborough, Mass., that the bottled water disappeared

(Newser) - You might get asked "bottled or tap?" about your water preferences at a restaurant, but at Gillette Stadium on Sunday only the latter was offered—at prices usually paid for the former. NBC Sports reports that fans who came to see the New England Patriots beat the Houston Texans... More »

Ex Wells Fargo Worker: I Was Told to 'Club the Baby Seals'

Bank accused of overcharging mom-and-pop shops

(Newser) - Wells Fargo's attempt to regain trust with customers may not be helped by this claim: Days after admitting it signed 570,000 customers up for auto insurance they didn't need —leading to ruined credit scores and repossessions—the bank is now accused of targeting mom-and-pop shops in... More »

Whole Foods to Pay NYC $500K in Overcharging Spat

Settlement also calls for audits to make sure products are labeled correctly

(Newser) - Whole Foods said Monday it will pay New York City $500,000 to settle allegations it overcharged customers for prepackaged foods. The city's Department of Consumer Affairs said the settlement also requires Whole Foods Market Inc. to conduct quarterly audits to ensure products are accurately weighed and labeled. The... More »

Whole Foods CEOs: We 'Unintentionally' Overcharged

Mackey, Robb say wrong weights sometimes work in customers' favor

(Newser) - If you're a New York City resident and have found it odd that all the packages of pecan panko you've bought at Whole Foods seem to always be the exact same weight, you're not alone . And the reason why is something the grocery chain has been in... More »

Calif. Charges Whole Foods $800K —for Overcharging

Surprise, surprise: Grocer actually was too expensive

(Newser) - For those who have griped about Whole Foods' prices for years, California has confirmed what you've long bemoaned: The Golden State and the high-end grocer have reached an $800,000 deal to settle allegations that the latter overcharged customers. Investigators determined that Whole Foods charged for the weight of... More »

FedEx Overcharged, Despite Worker Who Complained

Lawsuit accuses company of charging business customers unlawful fee

(Newser) - FedEx is being sued for allegedly overcharging business customers, and newly unsealed internal emails reveal that at least one employee suspected the problem and accused the company of taking "no action" to fix it. The 2011 emails from sales executive Alan Elam, which FedEx wanted to keep confidential, include... More »

AT&T Consistently Overcharges for Data Use: Suit

Investigators left iPhones unused for 10 days in probe

(Newser) - AT&T “systematically” overcharges customers for data usage on their iPhones and iPads, a probe finds. In a lawsuit, investigators say the firm overcharges by 7% to 14% on a regular basis—and that charges have in some cases reached up to 300% of what they should be, the... More »

Verizon Refunding Up to $90M in Overcharges

Decision made after FCC launches investigation

(Newser) - Verizon Wireless is refunding as much as $90 million to cell phone consumers for data overcharges that occurred over the last several years. The decision was made after the FCC launched an investigation following consumer complaints. Most refunds will be between $2 and $6. “When we identify errors, we... More »

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