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Scientists Decry Worst Case of Censorship Since Galileo

... and it involves magic mushrooms

(Newser) - It's the kind of claim that makes your ears perk up: A group of scientists yesterday came out swinging against what one described as "the worst case of scientific censorship since the Catholic Church banned the works of Copernicus and Galileo." More colorful still, it involves magic... More »

Cocaine the True Cause of Financial Crisis: Claim

Ex-UK drugs adviser David Nutt claims it made bankers 'overconfident'

(Newser) - Forget all those complicated economic explanations. The real reason for the financial crisis was simple: Bankers were doing too much coke, says a professor and former UK government drugs adviser. The drug made bankers "overconfident," prompting them to take "more risks," says David Nutt. Cocaine fueled... More »

Alcohol Worse Than Heroin

Former Brit drugs chief says findings back aggressive anti-booze campaigns

(Newser) - Alcohol is more dangerous for humans than crack or heroin, according to a surprising assessment by a British drug expert. Professor David Nutt's scoring system ranked alcohol three times more harmful than cocaine or tobacco; ecstasy, mushrooms, and LSD were among the least harmful. The rankings were created based on... More »

3 Stories