genetic mapping

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Scientists to Pentagon: Map Every Soldier's Genome

Report prompts fears over flaws in process, discrimination

(Newser) - A secretive group of top scientists is pushing the Pentagon to map the genomes of all military personnel, the Huffington Post reports. Such mapping could reveal information about troops' "responses to battlefield stress"—for example, how well they can tolerate "sleep deprivation, dehydration, or prolonged exposure to... More »

Ozzy: Hard Wired to Party Hard?

He has several intriguing genetic mutations

(Newser) - Was always-crazed heavy metal rocker Ozzy Osbourne biologically destined to party really, really hard? Scientists think it's a possibility after finding several intriguing mutations when mapping the Oz's genes. Several of the variations "we've never seen before," said geneticist Nathaniel Pearson, and they include some that may have... More »

2 Stories