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Facebook Tracks You Even After You Log Off: Lawsuit

Two attorneys file class-action suit over tracking cookies

(Newser) - Facebook is facing a class-action lawsuit over claims that it violated privacy laws by continuing to track users even after they logged off the site. The suit was filed by two renowned Baltimore attorneys on behalf of plaintiffs Laura Maguire and Christopher Simon, the Daily Record reports. The attorneys accuse... More »

Facebook Sees 'Smoking Gun' Proof of Fraud in Big Case

Lawyers say they found evidence on Paul Ceglia's computer

(Newser) - Lawyers for Facebook say they have "smoking gun" evidence that a New York man isn't entitled to 84% of the company as he claims . The company pored over the computer of Paul Ceglia with the court's permission and says it found proof that Ceglia doctored an agreement... More »

Winklevoss Twins Sue Facebook ... Again

After dropping appeal, new suit is filed

(Newser) - Well, apparently they're not packing it in quite yet: Just one day after dropping plans to appeal their $65 million Facebook settlement, the Winklevoss twins filed a new suit against the social networking site yesterday. This time around, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and business partner Divya Narendra seek to... More »

Facebook: Lawsuit Seeking Half-Ownership Is a 'Fraud'

Attorneys accuse Paul Ceglia of doctoring old contract

(Newser) - Attorneys for Facebook are calling a man's federal lawsuit claiming part ownership of the company "a fraud on the court." In their latest legal response, Facebook attorneys accuse Paul Ceglia of doctoring a 2003 contract that he says proves he bought into Mark Zuckerberg's idea for... More »

Facebook Censors Famous French Painting

Man whose account was axed is now suing the site

(Newser) - Gustave Courbet's The Origin of the World hangs in Paris' renowned Musee d'Orsay—but good luck posting it on Facebook. A French man made the painting, which features a woman's, ahem, lower half, his profile picture—and found his profile deleted. He is now suing the social networking site, the... More »

Real Creator of Facebook? It's Mark Zuckerberg

He didn't invent social networking, but he perfected it: Farhad Manjoo

(Newser) - Sorry, Winklevoss twins . And you, too, Paul Ceglia . The person who deserves the credit and the riches for inventing Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg, writes Farhad Manjoo in Slate . Zuckerberg didn't so much invent social networking as perfect the concept by building upon already existing ideas. "The real value of... More »

Judge: Winklevosses Can't Renege on Facebook Deal

Twins knew what they were doing when

(Newser) - A federal appeals court ruled today that former Harvard University schoolmates of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg can't undo their settlement over creation of the social networking site. The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals said that Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss were savvy enough to understand what they were agreeing to... More »

Parents Sue Facebook Over Photo of Murdered Daughter

EMT shared cell phone pic of crime scene online

(Newser) - Ronald and Marti Wimmer don't want money from Facebook, they want the site to delete the gruesome photo that an EMT took of their murdered daughter and shared online. The parents have filed a lawsuit calling for Facebook to turn over the photo, destroy the images in its possession, identify... More »

Winklevoss Twins Sue Facebook Again

Say Zuckerberg committed securities fraud

(Newser) - One $65 million settlement wasn’t enough for Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, who once upon a time hired Mark Zuckerberg to develop a social networking site. The twins are suing Facebook again, claiming that Zuckerberg committed securities fraud by lying to them about the value of Facebook, Mashable reports. They’... More »

Debt Collectors Stalking Facebook

Fla. woman sues creditor who hounded her online

(Newser) - A Florida woman who says debt collectors used Facebook to harass her and her family over an unpaid car loan is taking the collection agency to court. She is seeking damages and an injunction preventing the agency from using social media to contact her, ABC News reports. Her attorney says... More »

Lamebook Sues Facebook

The million-dollar question: Is mocking people protected by the Constitution?

(Newser) - It only sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit: Facebook is being sued by ... Lamebook . The parody blog, which lets users post embarrassing photos and updates pulled from the real Facebook (with names and eyes blurred out to protect the ... lame), is attempting to fend off impending litigation. Lamebook says... More »

Zuckerberg Fights to Keep Private Life Out of Lawsuit

Wants to keep lid on 'unnecessary details'

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg would like a little privacy, please. The head honcho of Facebook, who is currently fighting Paul Ceglia's claim to own 84% of the site, says the lawsuit is trying to uncover unnecessary, private details about his life in order to harass him. The claim seems to stem from... More »

Facebook Sues Small Teacher Community Site

Claims it owns the '-book' suffix

(Newser) - Facebook has filed a lawsuit against Teachbook, a little-known community website for teachers. The lawsuit alleges that Teachbook is “misappropriating the distinctive book portion of Facebook’s trademark … in a blatant attempt to become a Facebook for teachers.” Facebook is suing for unspecified damages, and wants the... More »

Lawsuit Guy 'Forgot' He Owned Facebook

Also, Zuckerberg was lazy, but Ceglia might hire him to run company

(Newser) - Why did Paul Ceglia wait seven years to file his lawsuit alleging that he owns 84% of Facebook? Because, he explains to Bloomberg , he’d forgotten he owned it. But when he was arrested for defrauding customers of his wood-pellet business he went through his old files and—what luck!... More »

Facebook Sued for Privacy Breach

(Newser) - A group of Facebook users has sued the social networking company for violating consumer privacy laws by harvesting personal information for commercial purposes and failing to compensate clients, reports CNET. "Plaintiffs and the general public desire and expect a level of privacy, which Facebook has failed to satisfy,"... More »

Hasbro Sues Scrabulous, Warns Facebook

Game maker says unsanctioned online version must go

(Newser) - The makers of Scrabble say Scrabulous must go. Hasbro today sued the creators of the online knockoff, which is wildly popular on Facebook, and warned the social networking site to dtich the game, ABC News reports. No word yet on whether that will happen. Hasbro recently released its own online... More »

Facebook and Rival Settling Origins Lawsuit

ConnectU had accused Zuckerberg of filching social network ideas

(Newser) - Pending lawsuits between Facebook and rival social networking site ConnectU will be settled, a source tells the New York Times. The founders of ConnectU accused Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their ideas back when both sites were in their infancy, and the Facebook CEO filed a countersuit against his former Harvard... More »

Ads Could Spark Privacy Lawsuits by Facebook Users

Using member's images without consent could violate laws

(Newser) - Facebook's new cutting-edge ads which cherry-pick the names and faces of members who use featured products may violate privacy laws. The ads attach photos and identities of members to products they've purchased or endorsed, but without explicitly obtaining members' consent, reports the New York Times. That could open Facebook to... More »

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