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7 Bombs Batter Baghdad; 95 Dead, 500 Wounded

(Newser) - Scores of people are dead after seven coordinated bombings rocked Baghdad this morning, targeting both government ministries and poor Shia neighborhoods, the New York Times  reports. Two huge bombs and three smaller blasts, probably from mortars, went off at the entrance to the fortified Green Zone, while other explosions hit... More »

Islamic Militants Now Migrating to Pakistan to Fight

Lawless northwest becomes haven for region's extremists

(Newser) - Pakistan, rather than Iraq, has become the preferred destination for foreign fighters looking to join Islamic militant organizations, reports the New York Times. Websites are increasingly encouraging migrating Sunni extremists to go to Pakistan and Afghanistan, where they can join a "winning fight," rather than participate in the... More »

50 More Years in Mideast for US, Ex-General Says

Abizaid: Strategic situation won't allow withdrawal for decades

(Newser) - It could be 50 years before US troops leave the Middle East, the former commander of US forces in the region said yesterday. The Associated Press reports that while John Abizaid acknowledges that US forces will eventually play an "indirect role" in conflicts such as Iraq, the military won't... More »

Resurgent Al-Qaeda Poised to Strike US

New report says terror group poses 'persistent and evolving threat'

(Newser) - Al-Qaeda’s mounting presence in Iraq may lead to an attack on US soil within the next three years, a new intelligence report finds. The group’s Iraqi affiliate is building resources, animating Sunni extremists, and recruiting new members. The document also says that Hezbollah and non-Muslim radical groups pose... More »

4 Stories