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Teen Was Handed an E-Cig. Then a Boom, and Blindness

It's against state and local laws to sell e-cigs to minors

(Newser) - A New York teenager has learned an anti-vaping lesson in the most painful of ways: An e-cigarette exploded in his face. Leor Domatov, 14, took a bus to the Kings Plaza mall in Brooklyn with friends last week and stopped at a vaping kiosk near the mall's entrance, where... More »

The New Target Demographic: Babies

Marketers increasingly focus on infants

(Newser) - Remember the plan Disney came up with earlier this year to stalk the maternity ward for potential new customers? Turns out that’s not an isolated incident, it’s a full-on trend. The new hot demographic for many brands to target today is infants to 3-year-olds, Adweek reports. Until recently,... More »

McDonald's: We're Not Ditching Ronald

CEO defends marketing, says clown is 'ambassador for good'

(Newser) - McDonald’s isn’t going to stop marketing to kids anytime soon if CEO Jim Skinner has anything to say about it. At the company’s annual meeting today, Skinner defended the practice and said parents should be able to decide for themselves whether McDonald’s is healthy enough. “... More »

Abercrombie Slammed for Padded Bikinis for Girls

They were originally called 'push up triangles'

(Newser) - Often-controversial clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch is in another pickle, this time for marketing push-up bikini tops to young girls, reports the New York Daily News . Labeled "push up triangles" before Internet outrage prompted a re-naming, the tops are for sale on the Abercrombie Kids website, aimed at children... More »

Ban Disney From Delivery Room

'Stop Disney sales reps from pouncing on newborns'

(Newser) - Popping out a baby is no Mickey Mouse experience—even though Disney would like it to be. Sales reps gone Goofy and laden with Disney products are invading maternity wards across the nation to turn very tiny Americans just hours old into cartoon character consumers. Reps at 580 hospitals are... More »

5 Stories