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Jets Scramble After Planes Violate UN Airspace

Incident occurred around the time of Obama's speech

(Newser) - Two fighter jets scrambled today after two small aircraft violated airspace restrictions in place for the UN General Assembly gathering of world leaders close to the time President Obama was speaking. North American Aerospace Defense Command spokesman John Cornelio said the F-22s intercepted the small planes during two separate incidents... More »

Libyan Veterans Lend Syrians a Hand

Fighter says rebels hamstrung by lack of no-fly zone

(Newser) - Rebels battling Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria are getting assistance from people who might know a thing or two about getting rid of dictators: Reuters sits down with Hussam Najjar, a Libyan-Irish sniper, who says he is among many veterans of last year's Libyan conflict helping train Syrian... More »

Syria Protesters Want No-Fly Zone

Army continues deadly raids after bloody day yesterday

(Newser) - Syrian violence continued today, with government forces killing several people in raids in the city of Homs, reports Al Jazeera . It follows a brutal day yesterday, when security forces killed about 40 people after protests around the country, say opposition groups. Protesters renewed their call for a no-fly zone to... More »

Coalition Split Over Libya Goals

No clear exit strategy in sight as strikes continue

(Newser) - The international coalition has succeeded in preventing Moammar Gadhafi's forces from crushing Libyan rebels, but it remains deeply divided over the mission's final goal. The allies have agreed to turn control of the no-fly zone over to NATO , but no consensus has emerged on how far they should go in... More »

US: Strikes on Libya to Slow

Coalition hits Libya for third night

(Newser) - Coalition forces pounded targets in Libya for a third night yesterday, but the general leading US forces says the pace of air attacks is likely to slow soon. The campaign to destroy Moammar Gadhafi's air defenses and establish a no-fly zone is almost complete, and American officials are seeking to... More »

Libya Declares Cease-Fire

Foreign minister says country will abide by UN resolution

(Newser) - So much for shooting down passenger jets : Libya is imposing an immediate cease-fire, the country's foreign minister tells reporters. Moussa Koussa says Libya will abide by the UN Security Council's recent resolution and will halt military operations against rebels, USA Today reports. Though Koussa was not a fan of the... More »

Gadhafi Cancels Benghazi Offensive

Rebels cheer UN no-fly zone

(Newser) - As Libyan rebels cheered the United Nations' last-minute approval of a no-fly zone , Moammar Gadhafi's forces decided the promised offensive against Benghazi was off. "We will chase the traitors from Benghazi,” the dictator had told his troops earlier. “Destroy their fortifications. Show them no mercy." Gadhafi's... More »

UN Approves Libya No-Fly Zone, Military Action

Vote is 10-0, with five abstentions

(Newser) - The UN Security Council has approved a resolution to impose a no-fly zone over Libya and authorize "all necessary measures" to protect civilians from attacks by Moammar Gadhafi's forces. The vote today was 10-0 with five abstentions, including Russia and China. It needed nine votes to pass, and no... More »

Let Libya's Neighbors Step Up

If they want a no-fly zone, let them do it: Leslie Gelb

(Newser) - The Arab League wants a no-fly zone over Libya, as does France and Britain. Great, writes Leslie Gelb at the Daily Beast . Go right ahead and put one up. Instead, these "strategic moralists" are waiting for the UN to act, knowing full well that Russia and China will veto... More »

US Ready to Back Airstrikes on Libya

Fears no-fly zone is too late, backs broader resolution

(Newser) - With a siege in Benghazi looking like a distinct possibility, the White House is suddenly looking to use some muscle in Libya. After weeks of discussion, the administration has concluded that a no-fly zone would likely be “too little, too late” to save the rebels, the New York Times... More »

Libya Rebels: Massacre Will Be on World's Conscience

Red Cross flees Benghazi as Gadhafi attack looms

(Newser) - As Moammar Gadhafi's forces make their way toward Libyan rebel stronghold Benghazi , the situation in the city is getting tenser by the moment, reports the BBC . A spokesman for the rebels' council says there will be a "massacre" if the international community fails to intervene. Gadhafi will "kill... More »

Germany Blocks No-Fly Zone for Libya

Clinton, meanwhile, tells rebels the US won't act alone

(Newser) - Hopes for a G8-enforced no-fly zone over Libya were dashed today, as Germany, with backup from Russia, shot down a plan forwarded by England and France, the Guardian reports. German Foreign Minister Guido Westermalle said that though his country wanted to see the violence stop, it did not want "... More »

Lieberman: 'Put the Brakes' on Nuclear Power

Plus, the no-fly zone and more from the Sunday talk shows

(Newser) - As Japan struggles to avoid a nuclear meltdown following its massive earthquake and tsunami, Sen. Joe Lieberman thinks it might be time to stop permitting new nuclear power plants in the US, Politico reports. "I think we've got to kind of quietly—quickly put the brakes on until we... More »

We Dare Not Go After This Monster

Ousting Gadhafi would not be the 'cakewalk' hawks make it out to be

(Newser) - The same hawks who drummed America into a "cakewalk" war in Iraq now want to march right in and liberate Libya, even though, in the case of Paul Wolfowitz, one "would think" he'd "have the good manners to shut up and take up horticulture," writes Maureen... More »

Gadhafi Retakes Oil Hub of Brega

Latest domino in eastern Libya to fall out of rebel control

(Newser) - In the latest domino to fall for Libya's ragtag rebels , state television is reporting that Moammar Gadhafi's forces have retaken the oil town of Brega in eastern Libya. State television has issued faulty reports in the past, notes the AP , but Gadhafi's forces were reportedly 25 miles outside the town... More »

On Road to Benghazi, Only Ill-Prepared Rebels

Outgunned, anti-Gadhafi forces can barely fight back

(Newser) - The protesters-turned-troops that make up the anti-Gadhafi rebellion in Libya may be full of hope and determination, but they are also terribly outgunned and outmanned, and now the disorganized rebellion appears on the verge of collapse, reports the LA Times . Along the 140-mile desert highway from the rebels' new defensive... More »

Arab League Backs No-Fly Zone in Libya

Move could make it easier for UN, US to act

(Newser) - Moammar Gadhafi just got a little more isolated: The 22-nation Arab League today called on the UN to impose a no-fly zone over Libya, reports the BBC . The bloc presented it as a humanitarian mission as opposed to a military intervention to win over leery members, notes AP . It should... More »

Let's Stay Out of Libya

Wesley Clark: It doesn't meet the test for military intervention

(Newser) - Retired Gen. Wesley Clark takes a long look at the pros and cons of having the US intervene in Libya and thinks the answer is clear: Stay out of it, America. Even a no-fly is too dangerous, he argues in the Washington Post . It probably wouldn't be enough to force... More »

EU Chiefs: Gadhafi Must Go

But they don't agree on how to make that happen

(Newser) - It’s time for Moammar Gadhafi to go, the leaders of the EU have declared following an emergency meeting in Brussels. The leaders will “examine all necessary options” to protect civilians in Libya, they say. But amid reluctance from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the officials haven’t come to... More »

No-Fly Zone a No-Brainer in Libya

'This is a pretty easy problem,' Air Force general opines

(Newser) - The US seems to be wringing its hands over whether to impose a no-fly zone over Libya—but Gen. Merrill McPeak has no idea why. “This is a pretty easy problem, for crying out loud,” the former Air Force chief of staff tells New York Times columnist Nicholas... More »

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