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Drunk Guy Bursts Bladder in Weirdest Way Possible

Plenty of beer followed by a dive in a lake did the damage

(Newser) - Too much beer and a lake dive proved a nasty combination for a Maine man—but probably not for the reasons you might think. The unidentified man, whose case is described in the Journal of Emergency Medicine , arrived at an emergency room complaining of severe pain in his abdomen after... More »

Scientists 'Grow' Kidney in Lab

Engineered rat kidneys a step toward helping humans

(Newser) - In a breakthrough with the potential to save many thousands of lives, scientists have "grown" a kidney that produced urine both in the lab and after being transplanted into a rat. The new kidneys were created by stripping old kidneys of their cells and pumping the remaining "scaffold"... More »

Prince Philip Hospitalized

Will miss tonight's Diamond Jubilee festivities

(Newser) - Prince Philip has been hospitalized with a bladder infection, and will miss the rest of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee . Paramedics were called to Windsor castle today to fetch Philip, in what's being billed as a "precautionary measure," according to the Daily Mail . In a statement, Buckingham... More »

Gotta Pee? Then You'll Likely Make Better Decisions

Those with full bladders apparently exercise better self-control

(Newser) - If you're going to make an important decision in the near future, you might want to drink a lot of water first. A new study shows that people who really, really have to pee actually make better long-term decisions, the Atlantic Wire reports. Study participants either drank a lot of... More »

4 Stories