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Solution for US Teacher Shortage Slammed as 'Abuse'

Some schools recruit teachers from overseas to work for wages that Americans won't accept

(Newser) - As teachers in multiple states stage walkouts to protest low pay, the New York Times reports on a trend taking place in some public schools: hiring foreign workers willing to teach for the wages that Americans aren't. Those who support the practice, which involves overseas teachers coming in via... More »

Woman Quits Teaching for ISIS, Then Quits ISIS

Syrian says she patrolled streets to enforce Islamic law

(Newser) - A Syrian elementary school teacher says she joined ISIS to help topple President Bashar al-Assad, but ended up fleeing the group for her life. Covered in a niqab and calling herself Khadija, she tells CNN that she initially enjoyed demonstrations against al-Assad and came to hate the chaos and bloodshed... More »

Chicago Teachers' Strike: Greed or Grit?

Either way, negotiations must be public

(Newser) - Unions began as a powerful and much-needed force for good, raising workers from "scraping out a meager living in low-paid and dangerous jobs into the middle class," and nowhere more so than in Chicago, writes Dennis Byrne in the Chicago Tribune . But the teachers' strike is a different... More »

Why Teachers Raged at Kenneth Cole

David Sirota calls Cole campaign 'propaganda'

(Newser) - Facing outcry from teachers, Kenneth Cole has offered to pull a new ad and web campaign that blithely pits "Teachers' Rights vs. Students' Rights"—and David Sirota's article at Salon explains the hubbub. For starters, a Cole foundation website is asking readers to weigh in on the... More »

What If NFL Players Were Paid Like Teachers?

The league would suffer, just like our education system: Fran Tarkenton

(Newser) - Imagine if every NFL player's salary was based on how long he had played, and if players who made it through three seasons could almost never be fired. "It's about tenure, not talent" in this alternate reality, writes NFL Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton in the Wall ... More »

For Backbreaking Work, Teacher Pay Is Staggering

Like soldiers, teachers need more resources to compete, not blame.

(Newser) - When America fails in combat, we don't blame the troops for being lazy, we blame the top brass. So why is it that our response to a failing education system is to blame the teachers? asks Dave Eggers, writing with Nínive Clements Calegari in the New York Times... More »

Another Teacher in Hot Water Over Facebook Post

New Jersey woman calls her students 'future criminals'

(Newser) - Attention Facebook users, and especially teachers: When you post something, please try to remember other people can read it. For one first-grade teacher in Patterson, New Jersey, the obvious warning did not come soon enough. She gave the entire community an uncensored look into her innermost thoughts when she wrote... More »

Dave Eggers: Enough With the Teacher Layoffs

System leaves already-struggling public educators in lurch

(Newser) - Public school teachers grapple with 80-hour work weeks on tight salaries, with little creative freedom, while the media attacks their unions—and on top of all that, they face mass layoffs on a regular basis. In San Francisco, for example, 2,800 teachers were warned last week that their jobs... More »

8 Stories