The Governator

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Schwarzenegger Ready for Action

Nearly 8 years from his last hit, Arnold says he's still got it

(Newser) - Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, and even at age 63, the longtime action star says he's ready to return to the high-octane heroics and disemboweling that made him famous. "I can step very comfortably into the entertainment world and do an action movie with the same violence that I've always... More »

Arnold's New Show Is a Hoax— Right?

'The Governator' sounds too silly to be believed

(Newser) - Spend a little time online today, and you’re sure to see lots of very excited posts about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to the world of showbiz as cartoon and comic book character “The Governator”—but it’s got to be an April Fool’s joke, right? The... More »

2 Stories