Windows 8

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Microsoft Skips Windows 9, Announces Windows 10

Start Menu back in move away from Windows 8

(Newser) - Windows 8 didn't exactly set the world alight—market research firms say the number of computers running it is a fraction of those still using Windows XP—and Microsoft has decided to skip a number and go straight to 10 for its latest operating system. "Windows 10 will... More »

China Bans Official Use of Windows 8

Official news cites security concerns

(Newser) - If you work for the Chinese government, you'd better not get caught installing Windows 8. Beijing has banned the use Microsoft's newest operating system on new government computers after Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP , which is widely used in China, last month, Reuters reports. The Windows 8 ban... More »

Nokia Introduces New Windows Tablet, Phablet

Phone offers 6-inch, 1080p display

(Newser) - With Apple preparing for its (possibly iPad-themed) event in San Francisco today, Nokia is making some noise of its own over in Abu Dhabi. The device maker has added several new gadgets to its lineup, including a Windows tablet and a big-screen phone, or phablet. The new Lumia 1520 phone... More »

Microsoft to Open Mini-Stores in Best Buy

Partnership will be bigger than chain's deal with others

(Newser) - Microsoft has unveiled plans for "store-within-a-store" sections in Best Buy stores, becoming the latest major consumer electronics maker to acknowledge advantages of the brick-and-mortar format. The sections will begin opening this month and offer Windows-based PCs, tablets, Xbox, and accessories, as well as trained staff to explain Windows 8... More »

Windows Brings Back 'Start' Button, Sort of

8.1 upgrade will have button, but not the old 'start' menu

(Newser) - Microsoft today unveiled a slew of impending upgrades to Windows 8, among them the return of a Start button, reports Reuters . It comes with one important catch, writes Brad Chacos at PC World —the button will be back in the lower-left corner, but the old Start menu will not.... More »

Leaked: Microsoft's Windows Blue

Windows Blue includes new gestures, apps

(Newser) - The next version of Windows isn't due on shelves until later in the year, but eager customers can already get a look at a leaked version of it: A partner version of Windows Blue has been making the rounds on file-sharing sites, the Verge reports. It looks a lot... More »

What Tablet? Lenovo Rolls Out 27-Inch 'Table' PC

Giant all-in-one aims for multiple users

(Newser) - Tablet too small for you? Try an entire table. Lenovo is releasing a 27-inch Windows 8 PC billed as a computer for multiple users, CNET reports. A wheeled stand (which may not reach the US) invites users to gather 'round, while another concept turns the computer into a coffee... More »

Oprah Plugs the Microsoft Surface ... From Her iPad

But good Twitter apps are hard to find in Windows

(Newser) - Oops. Oprah Winfrey reiterated her love for the new Microsoft Surface this morning, but did it from a Twitter app—on her iPad, Techcrunch reports. "Gotta say love that SURFACE!" she tweeted . "Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts." So why not tweet from her beloved... More »

Huge Shakeup: Windows Chief Leaving Microsoft

Steve Sinofsky exits weeks after Windows 8 launch

(Newser) - It's only been a few weeks since Windows 8 was officially launched —and already, the guy in charge of it has left Microsoft. Steve Sinofsky, who presented the new operating system at its launch and has had a 23-year career with the company, was Windows Division president. He'... More »

Zune's Spirit Helped Revive Microsoft

Farhad Manjoo: The often razzed device marked a shift toward innovation

(Newser) - If you only have hazy memories of the Zune, Microsoft's foray into the mp3 player market, you're not alone. The device was discontinued in 2011, and today it's mostly the butt of Apple fans' jokes. But Farhad Manjoo got his hands on one of the 2009-era touchscreen... More »

Ballmer on Windows 8: Whole Screen Is a 'Start Button'

Microsoft launches new operating system

(Newser) - Microsoft formally launched Windows 8 today, which, if you haven't heard, heralds the biggest change to the industry's dominant operating system in at least 17 years. It's designed to run on both PCs and tablet computers, and one of the biggest changes is the disappearance of the... More »

Microsoft Tablet Priced for 'Major Impact' at $499

Entry-level Surface cheaper than retina iPad

(Newser) - Microsoft's tablet price has finally been revealed: Earlier today, the Microsoft Store listed the 32-gigabyte Surface RT for $499. The price is "more than the retina-display competitive" and "seems right to make a major impact," writes Brian Barrett at Gizmodo , at $100 less than the retina-display... More »

Microsoft Unveils Competition for iTunes

Xbox Music will combine the perks of other services

(Newser) - Itching to compete with iTunes, Microsoft is rolling out a new music player by embedding it into the company's devices and software, the New York Times reports. Called Xbox Music, it will offer a catalog of 30 million songs for purchase, a Pandora-style radio station, and a Spotify-like option... More »

PC Sales Plunge, Now at a 'Crossroads'

Shipments drop 8%; can Windows 8 change things?

(Newser) - Bleak new data today shows that the personal-computer business is struggling even more than expected, reports the Wall Street Journal . Shipments fell more than 8% in the third quarter, and projected shipments for the full year are expected to dip for the first time in more than a decade. Part... More »

Samsung's New Line Rolls Dice on Windows

Phonemaker unveils new phone, tablet using Microsoft OS instead of Android

(Newser) - Samsung unveiled a slate of new products today, including some that (gasp!) don't run on Android. The electronics company showed off a new line of Windows 8-based products, including a 10.1-inch tablet and a 4.8-inch smartphone, the Wall Street Journal reports. "It's highly likely... More »

Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 8

It'll have the same source code as Windows 8

(Newser) - Hot on the heels of its "Surface" tablet announcement , Microsoft today unveiled its latest mobile offering, Windows Phone 8. This new OS will be built off the same source code as the desktop/tablet version of Windows 8, and will at last bring Microsoft's OS up to modern standards,... More »

You Can't Compare Macs, PCs Anymore

Apple isn't playing the same game as its competitors: Harry McCracken

(Newser) - When Apple announced its latest MacBook Pro update, Harry McCracken's first instinct was to compare it to similar Windows laptops. "Then it dawned on me: There are no similar Windows laptops," he writes for Time . Macs and PCs may have "the longest-running, most iconic rivalry in... More »

'iPad Mini' Coming for Less Than $300

And to think, Microsoft's new tablets are right around the corner

(Newser) - Cue the agonizing groans at Microsoft: Apple is planning a new entry-level iPad for later this year designed to fend off the coming barrage of Windows 8 tablets , reports Fox Business . According to a Chinese-language news site, some 6 million "iPad minis" will come out in the third quarter... More »

Windows 8: Bold, Risky, Revolutionary

Microsoft goes all in with unified tablet and PC OS

(Newser) - Microsoft unleashed Windows 8 on the world today, in the form of a "Consumer Preview" (read: Open Beta), and it's definitely not business as usual. The OS is designed to work on both tablets and PCs, and that means that, while it still has a familiar Windows "... More »

Microsoft on Comeback Trail

It's got some 'just plain great' products, writes Farhad Manjoo

(Newser) - Believe it or not, 2012 could be the year of Microsoft. No, really. "I'll say it: I'm bullish on Microsoft in 2012," writes Farhad Manjoo of Slate . "For the first time in forever, Microsoft has a couple major products that are not merely good enough.... More »

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