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What Barbour Exit Means for GOP Race

Surprise departure lucky for Huckabee

(Newser) - Haley Barbour's surprise exit from the field of Republican contenders for 2012 has shaken up the race before it even officially began, notes Aaron Blake at the Washington Post . Some likely effects of the Mississippian's departure:
  • The way is clear for Mitch Daniels. Barbour and Daniels are old
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Haley Barbour: I'm Not Running

'Difficult personal' decision stuns GOP insiders

(Newser) - There are a number of Republicans salivating over a shot at the Oval Office next year, but Haley Barbour won't be joining them. The Mississippi Republican, called a "fundraising powerhouse" by Politico, said today he won't run, calling it a "difficult, personal decision, and I am... More »

Would-Be First Ladies Would Rather Not

Candidates' wives plenty skeptical about life on the campaign trail

(Newser) - There are plenty of Republicans lining up to take Barack Obama's job, but not so many of their wives are sure they want Michelle Obama's gig. Mitch Daniels' wife Cheri, who Politico reports has been notably skittish about a 2012 run, recently announced she'd speak at a... More »

3 Stories