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Ryan Lobbied Hard to Save Wisconsin Auto Plants

Despite free-market credo, pushed for local car plants

(Newser) - Not only did deficit-hawk Paul Ryan vote for Detroit's $14 billion emergency bailout, he also spearheaded two lavish incentive plans that gave hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks and benefits to keep a large GM plant in his hometown, reports the Los Angeles Times . That plant closed... More »

30 Top Corporations Paid US No Taxes, Despite Profit

Few companies actually pay 35% rate

(Newser) - America may have a lofty 35% corporate tax rate—but who actually pays that? A new study from a pair of left-leaning think tanks examined 280 Fortune 500 companies from 2008-2010, and found that their average effective rate was 18.5%, with a quarter paying less than 10% and 30... More »

Palin's Unique Strategy: Attack From Left

Rhetorical contortions amazing, 'mind-bending,' says critic

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's hot-blooded barrages were loved by crowds in Iowa on Saturday, but despite the usual right-wing boilerplate solutions, the former Alaska governor's attacks are coming dressed in uniquely left-wing language, notes David Sessions on the Daily Beast . "Crony capitalism," "corporate welfare," and "... More »

Banks Profited by Loaning Fed Money Back to ... Feds

They charged bigger interest rates on cheap money from Uncle Sam

(Newser) - Crisis-walloped banks aided with federal loans likely made a fortune by lending the same money back to the federal government at substantially higher interest rates, a new report indicates. The study by the Congressional Research Service supports complaints that the largest banks essentially engaged in taxpayer-financed arbitrage by cashing in... More »

4 Stories