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Uber Driver Can't Speak English, Draws a Fine

'I felt discriminated against," says Carmen Hechevarria in Miami

(Newser) - An Uber driver is outraged after she received a ticket at Miami International Airport. Her crime: not speaking English. An airport security officer spoke in English to Spanish-speaking Uber driver Carmen Hechevarria as she dropped off passengers Sunday, but received no response, reports the Miami Herald . "She looked at... More »

A First? Driver Gets Ticket for Wearing Google Glass

Woman in California might be testing new legal ground

(Newser) - It's a tech milestone of sorts. A woman in San Diego has gotten what might be the first ticket for driving while wearing Google Glass. When she got pulled over speeding, the officer also cited her for "Driving with Monitor visible to Driver (Google Glass)," reports Engadget... More »

Feds Bust $25M Ticket-Scalping Ring

'Wiseguys' accused of using hackers to corner market on concert tickets

(Newser) - Four men who formed a company called "Wiseguy Tickets" have been charged with running a massive ticket-scalping scheme. Federal prosecutors say the Californians employed a team of Bulgarian computer programmers to help them access the systems of vendors like Ticketmaster and corner the market on tickets for some of... More »

Lawmakers Get Sweet Deal on World Series Tix

Critics say face-value tickets should count as a gift

(Newser) - Federal lawmakers have been getting tickets to sold-out World Series through a perk that has some ethicists crying foul. Some 75 tickets for this series have been sold to 15 lawmakers and their aides at face value by Major League Baseball and the teams. No ethics rules are being broken... More »

NY Park Cops Squeeze Kid's Lemonade Stand for $50 Fine

(Newser) - Manhattan's Riverside Park cops put the squeeze on a kid selling lemonade with a $50 fine for doing business without a permit yesterday. "It was such a hot day I figured people would want a cold drink," said Clementine Lee, 10, dreaming of liquidity. Thick-skinned police made Clementine... More »

NYC Buys Homeless Tickets Out of Town

(Newser) - New York City has quietly taken a new approach to combat homelessness—since 2007, the Bloomberg administration has bought more than 550 families one-way tickets out of town. Social workers help the homeless to find relatives who may take them in, and some have been flown as far as France... More »

10 Ways to Game the Airlines

(Newser) - Airlines offer more than you know—and would rather you didn't know about it. The Chicago Tribune runs down a list of ways to benefit from airline secrets:
  • Complain early and often: Whatever the problem, "airlines tend to buy grouchy passengers off with frequent-flier miles."
  • Travel agents work
... More »

Jackson Memorial Tix Hit eBay

One listed for $20K; most under $1K

(Newser) - Vouchers for Michael Jackson's memorial service hit eBay and Craigslist just after winners were notified of their good luck, CBS News reports. Most were advertised for less than $1,000, but one voucher was for immediate sale for $20,000. Some of the Craigslist postings were flagged for removal. The... More »

Jackson Fans to Get Refund—or Tickets

Many fans likely to opt for pricey Jacko souvenir instead of money back

(Newser) - The 750,000 people in 200 countries who bought ticket vouchers for Michael Jackson's planned 50-gig comeback will be able to get full refunds, the Los Angeles Times reports. Promoters AEG Live say any fans who paid for tickets through authorized agents will have the choice of getting either their... More »

Nine Inch Nails Pinch Scalpers

New online strategy aims to get tix straight to fans

(Newser) - Nine Inch Nails aims to outmaneuver scalpers and undercut premium ticket brokers with an online strategy during an upcoming summer concert tour, Reuters reports. Tickets will be sold directly to fans registered on the band's website beginning 72 hours before each concert date. Organizers hope tight ID restrictions will ensure... More »

Cops Nab 9 for Selling Forged Bowl Tickets

Police uncover 50 fake passes, dope, and more than $6K in cash

(Newser) - Cops in Scottsdale, Ariz. nabbed nine people today for selling forged Super Bowl tickets, the AP reports. Police cottoned onto the scam when a Massachusetts couple reported doling out $2,500 for the fake passes. Cops tracked suspects to a Motel 6, where they found dozens of forged tickets, marijuana,... More »

Giants Fans Intercept the Green for Pats Historic Day

Playoff spot nailed, so NY fans cash in on tix

(Newser) - Thousands of New York ticket  holders are banking on the Giants losing next Saturday to the undefeated Patriots—or at least that's what they're telling New England fans who are snapping up unwanted tickets online for big bucks. With New York's playoff berth already secure and many starters likely to... More »

Beijing Tix Scalping Rampant

After an initial buying round, Olympic seats re-sell for 10X face value

(Newser) - Tickets for 2008’s Beijing Summer Olympics are already being illicitly re-sold over the Internet for ten times their original price, the BBC reports. An initial offering in which consumers were able to buy 50 tickets per person is being blamed for kick-starting the scalping frenzy, and that allotment has... More »

Hannah Montana Fan Club Sued for 'Ticket Trick'

Fans claim $30 club didn't provide promised access to concert

(Newser) - Hannah Montana fans have filed a class-action lawsuit against the actress' fan club, charging they were deceptively lured into paying a $30 entrance fee with the promise that they would have better access to concert tickets. In fact the "vast majority of club members" couldn't get tickets to star... More »

Rockies Redo Series Ticket Web Sales

'External malicious attack' blamed for today's outage

(Newser) - The Rockies blamed an “external malicious attack” for the crash of a partner company’s server who was handling the sale of World Series tickets, and said they'll try again tomorrow. The site received 8.5 million hits in 90 minutes but, according to a company spokesman, traffic was... More »

Rockies Servers Crash, Halting Series Ticket Sales

'This is the biggest load of crap,' rants irate fan

(Newser) - The Colorado Rockies have suspended World Series ticket sales—both online and at the box office—after a partner company's servers crashed under overwhelming demand. Tix went on sale at 10am, but the site had massive traffic 90 minutes beforehand, and by the time sales opened the system was hopelessly... More »

Patriots Get Names of Web Ticket Sellers

StubHub says move to curb scalpers violates customer privacy

(Newser) - A Mass state court has given the New England Patriots the names of people who bought and sold the team's tickets on the StubHub website. The team is suing the site, owned by eBay, because reselling tickets for profit is technically illegal (though the law is rarely enforced). StubHub and... More »

10 Ways Smart People Are Stupid About Money

Wise up and hand on to your hard-earned cash

(Newser) - Hey, smarty. You went to an Ivy League school and you have a respectable job, so why are you broke? The Consumerist points out 10 money-suckers that plague otherwise intelligent people:
  1. Paying your bills late
  2. Overdrafting and ATM fees
  3. Traffic and parking tickets
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8 Traffic-Ticket Myths

(Newser) - Everyone has a story about ducking a ticket. Bankrate.com investigates what's true and what's unfounded optimism:
  1. Mistakes on the ticket will only win the case if they involve the where and how of the ticket or the car description.
  2. If the officer doesn't show, you don't automatically win.
  3. Red
... More »

Death Camps May Charge Admission

Dachau, other German sites say they're running out of cash to support programs

(Newser) - Nazi concentration camps need to start charging visitors an entrance fee, those who run them say; subsidies from the German government aren't adequate for upkeep and tour guides for millions of pilgrims who visit every year. The proposal has prompted outrage from German Jews, the London Times reports.  More »

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