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Israeli Airstrike Kills 10 Civilians in Gaza City

Including 4 small children, medical officials say

(Newser) - An Israeli missile flattened a two-story house in a residential neighborhood of Gaza City today, killing at least 10 civilians, medical officials say, as Israel expanded its targets of its offensive to target homes of wanted militants. The attack, the single deadliest incident of the five-day-old Israeli operation, was likely... More »

Right Groups Cite Evidence of Israeli Phosphorus Use

UN workers say incendiary weapon used to attack Gaza compound

(Newser) - Witness accounts are adding weight to accusations by human rights groups that Israel is violating international law by using white phosphorus as a weapon against civilians, the Guardian reports. Palestinians say the incendiary shells were used to set their homes on fire and doctors report treating patients with injuries clearly... More »

Israel Shells UN Headquarters

Offensive escalates even as ceasefire hopes rise

(Newser) - Israeli shells set fire to the UN’s relief agency headquarters and a hospital today, as Israeli tanks pushed deep into Gaza City, the BBC reports. Some 700 people were inside the compound, along with large amounts of fuel and aid supplies; at least three UN employees were injured. Secretary-General... More »

Gaza Neighborhoods Fall to Machine Gun Battles

Israeli troops shoot it out with militants in suburbs as Egypt tries to broker ceasefire

(Newser) - Israeli troops are battling Hamas militants in the suburbs of Gaza City, filling residential streets with the chilling rat-a-tat-tat of machine gun fire, reports the BBC. Israeli forces have advanced deep into several neighborhoods, and air strikes hit 60 targets in Gaza overnight, including tunnels under the Egyptian border and... More »

Stop Gaza Fighting, UN Boss Pleads

'Society being destroyed' in Gaza, says Ban Ki-Moon

(Newser) - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, where Israeli tanks and troops were driving even deeper into Gaza City today in search of Hamas positions. Ban Ki-Moon, preparing for a trip to the region to personally push for a ceasefire, mourned the loss of... More »

100 Rescued From Area Blocked by Israel

More still trapped under rubble, aid groups say

(Newser) - Emergency workers in Gaza have rescued 100 more people from a residential block that for days had been blocked off by Israeli forces. Dozens of corpses also were found in the neighborhood's heavily shelled buildings, the Washington Post reports. Aid groups say more people remain trapped in demolished houses in... More »

Red Cross Slams IDF After Grisly Gaza Find

Corpses, starving children in zone where army banned rescuers

(Newser) - The Red Cross has condemned the Israeli military in unusually harsh terms after finding 15 corpses in shattered houses the organization was prevented from visiting, the Washington Post reports. Officials said they received reports of casualties in the Gaza neighborhood Saturday but weren’t allowed to enter until yesterday. Four... More »

Gazans Hunker Down in 'Worst' Time of All

Refugees arrive in city with horror stories

(Newser) - Lentils and bread nearly are all Safwat al-Kahlout can offer the 20 relatives holed up in his powerless Gaza City apartment, he writes in the Christian Science Monitor. As Israeli tanks roll through the city's outskirts, family members have fled inward to his flat. "I took my clothes and... More »

Israeli Army Moves Into Gaza City

Soldiers exchange gunfire with Hamas fighters on capital's streets

(Newser) - The Israeli army moved into Gaza City for the first time this morning, fighting gun battles in the streets with Hamas militants. The Guardian reports that Israeli soldiers were making house-by-house sweeps for fighters associated with Hamas. This morning Ehud Barak, the defense minister, said that Israel would continue to... More »

Peace Team Rushes to Gaza as Toll Tops 520

Sarkozy to meet with Israeli leaders today

(Newser) - A European peace and humanitarian team and French President Nicolas Sarkozy headed to the region today as Israeli ground-assault tanks pushed further into Palestinian territory, and edged the death toll close to 530, Reuters reports. Hamas militants have retaliated by firing rocket-propelled grenades at tanks in eastern Gaza, and at... More »

Israeli Strike Kills Hamas Leader

10 killed in strike on refugee camp

(Newser) - An overnight Israeli air strike killed a top Hamas commander and nine others, including family members, in a refugee camp north of Gaza City, CNN reports. Nizar Rayan—described by Haaretz as an "outspoken advocate of renewing suicide bombings against Israel"—is the most senior Hamas leader killed... More »

Gaza Death Toll Hits 400

Palestinian parliament building gutted as UN warns of humanitarian crisis

(Newser) - The Gaza death toll passed 400 as Israeli airstrikes continued for a sixth day on the start of the New Year and gutted the Palestinian parliament building, CNN reports. The dead include 42 children, 13 women and two medical workers. Some 2,000 others are injured, hundeds of them critically.... More »

White House Frets Over Gaza Fighting

Administration pressuring Israel to end attacks

(Newser) - A deeply worried Bush administration is privately pushing Israel to settle on a Gaza exit strategy, despite the White House's public support of the offensive, insiders tell the Los Angeles Times. Amid rising international pressure to end the fighting, administration officials fear that rather than crushing Hamas, Israel's assault could... More »

Israeli Army Puts War Videos on YouTube

IDF launches web channel to steer Gaza debate

(Newser) - The Israeli army has launched a YouTube channel of graphic war videos in an attempt to curry public favor for its Gaza siege, the Jerusalem Post reports. The footage shows aerial strikes, aid distribution, and—in one potentially unsettling piece—an alleged airstrike on two men loading Israel-bound rockets onto... More »

Israel Vows to Press Offensive

Five more killed in strike on Hamas prime minister's offices

(Newser) - In the face of blistering UN condemnation, defiant Israeli officials vowed to continue the Gaza offensive as five more people were killed in an air strike on the offices of the Hamas prime minister today. "Israel has no intention of stopping the fight against the terrorist organizations even for... More »

Gaza City Shuts Off Power Amid Claimed Fuel Shortage

Israelis say move meant to create crisis

(Newser) - Gaza City’s sole power plant has shut down due to what Palestinian officials claim are insufficient fuel supplies, the BBC reports. Israel—which provides 60% of Gaza’s electricity—closed its border last week with the Gaza Strip, preventing the import of virtually all supplies. The move followed a... More »

In Gaza, 150,000 Cheer Hamas

PM calls for uprisings against Israeli occupation

(Newser) - Crowds filled Gaza City streets today, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Hamas in what BBC analysts are calling a critical test of public support. At least 150,000 rallied amid waving flags and banners as Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya preached “resistance and jihad,” blasting his moderate Fatah... More »

Abductors Release Video of Kidnapped BBC Reporter

Journalist in captivity since March 12

(Newser) - In a video posted on the Internet today, a captured BBC reporter says he is in good health and has been well treated. It is unclear when the footage of a beleaguered-looking Alan Johnston, who was kidnapped in Gaza City March 12, was taken. Toward the end of the footage,... More »

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