Hugo Chavez cancer

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Chavez's Last Words: 'Please Don't Let Me Die'

Venezuelan leader died of a heart attack: official

(Newser) - Hugo Chavez died of a massive heart attack, the head of his presidential guard said last night, and with his last words the Venezuelan leader expressed his desire to live. "He couldn't speak but he said it with his lips ... 'I don't want to die. Please... More »

Hugo Chavez 'Clinging to Life'

Venezuelan has 'severe' respiratory infection, says official statement

(Newser) - Things are not looking good for Hugo Chavez. Unlike the rosy updates we were hearing earlier this year, the latest report on the Venezuelan leader's health has him battling a "severe" new respiratory infection and breathing problems, CNN reports. His condition is "very delicate," per the... More »

58% of Venezuelans: Chavez Will Be Back

Even as he's spent months battling for his life

(Newser) - Huge Chavez may be breathing through a tube and, rumor has it, close to death—CNN Chile even erroneously announced he was dead Wednesday evening—but nearly 58% of Venezuelans still believe their president will return to power, reports the AP . This as the country's VP yesterday said Chavez... More »

Chavez Finally Back in Venezuela

Makes surprise return this morning

(Newser) - Hugo Chavez is finally back in Venezuela, more than two months after he left for cancer surgery in Cuba. The president's return early today was a surprise, Reuters reports; it came just days after he released the first images of him that had been seen since he left his... More »

Chavez on 'Complex' Treatments for Cancer

'Complex' therapies will eventually halt illness: VP

(Newser) - Hugo Chavez is "undergoing alternative treatments" for cancer, Venezuela's vice president says. "They are complex and difficult treatments that must, at some point, end the cycle of his illness," said Nicolas Maduro of the country's president on state TV. Following difficulties after surgery, Chavez is... More »

Official: Chavez Laughing, Joking, Giving Orders

Latest report has Venezuelan president on the mend

(Newser) - Hugo Chavez might just be on the mend, at least according to the latest report from Venezuela's foreign minister. Elias Jaua said yesterday from Cuba, where Chavez went six weeks ago for cancer surgery, that the president is laughing and joking, Reuters reports. "Comrades, I'm coming out... More »

Chavez's Medical Woes Persist

As party dogged by rumors of split

(Newser) - Hugo Chavez's post-surgery medical woes continue: The Venezuelan president is grappling with complications from a "severe lung infection," according to officials. The infection has prompted a "respiratory insufficiency," says the country's information minister. Chavez hasn't been seen publicly since the surgery, which occurred... More »

Ailing Chavez in 'Delicate Condition'

Jan. 10 inauguration looks doubtful

(Newser) - Hugo Chavez has suffered a fresh bout of complications from his cancer surgery in Cuba earlier this month and is in "delicate condition," vice president Nicolas Maduro says. It has now been more than three weeks since the Venezuelan president has been publicly seen or heard, and though... More »

VP: Hugo Chavez, Walking, Talking

But questions linger over severity of leader's cancer

(Newser) - Vice President Nicolas Maduro surprised Venezuelans with a Christmas Eve announcement that President Hugo Chavez is up and walking two weeks after cancer surgery in Cuba, but the news did little to ease uncertainty surrounding the leader's condition. Sounding giddy, Maduro told state television that he had spoken by... More »

Hugo Chavez Suffers Surgery Complications

But he's reportedly improved after bleeding

(Newser) - Venezuela doesn't seem to be trying to sugar-coat reports about Hugo Chavez's recovery from cancer surgery: The nation's information minister said today that Chavez suffered bleeding during the operation that required "corrective measures" to fix. However, Chavez has been making "favorable" progress since then, he... More »

Venezuela Confronts 'Gravity' of Chavez Illness

'Comandante' in stable condition after surgery: doctors

(Newser) - Venezuela's government sees "difficult" times on the horizon as the ailing Hugo Chavez undergoes a "difficult, complex, and delicate" recovery from surgery. His doctors say he's in stable condition, and "we trust that, with the love of millions, the Comandante will get well soon and... More »

Chavez's 'Complex' Cancer Surgery a Success

It's his 4th since June 2011

(Newser) - In a surgery described by his tapped successor as "complex," Cuban surgeons were indeed able to remove cancerous tissue from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. VP Nicolas Maduro called the six-hour operation a "complete success," adding, "we've lived through complex moments of tension." Some... More »

Hugo Chavez: Cancer Is Back

Venezuelan president will again seek treatment in Cuba

(Newser) - Hugo Chavez's long battle with cancer has resumed, and the Venezuelan president will again seek treatment in Cuba, reports CNN . Speaking in a televised address to his nation last night, Chavez said "It's absolutely necessary, absolutely vital that I undergo a new operation." But in acknowledging... More »

More Cancer Treatment for Hugo Chavez

He returns to Cuba for 'home stretch' of therapy

(Newser) - Hugo Chavez made his first televised address in weeks to Venezuelans yesterday as he signed a new labor law—and announced his return to Cuba for another round of cancer treatment. The president, who has spent 50 days this year in Havana being treated for an undisclosed form of cancer,... More »

Chavez Denies Death Rumors

He breaks silence after 9 days of cancer treatment in Cuba

(Newser) - Hugo Chavez, complaining that rumors of his death had become so widespread that he had to reassure his own mother that he hadn't died, has broken a 9-day silence to let Venezuelans know he's still alive and kicking. He spoke to state television from Havana, where he has... More »

Defiant Journo Tracks Chavez Cancer

Nelson Bocaranda fends off insults to break latest news

(Newser) - Crave the latest on Hugo Chavez's health? A 66-year-old gossip columnist is your man. Veteran Venezuelan journalist Nelson Bocaranda was the first to report that the country's president had cancer in 2011 ; last month, he had the latest on Chavez's trip to Cuba to address a recurrence... More »

Chavez: My Tumor Was Malignant

But tumor was 'totally extracted,' says Venezuela president

(Newser) - The tumor that Hugo Chavez recently had removed from his pelvic area was a recurrence of cancer, he says. The disease didn't spread beyond the tumor, which "was totally extracted" during his procedure in Cuba, the Venezuelan president told viewers in a televised message yesterday. He added that... More »

Chavez Has Tumor Removed

VP says comadante is doing fine after operation in Cuba

(Newser) - The Venezuelan government ended an information blackout today to announce that Hugo Chavez has had a tumor removed from his pelvis and is recovering in a Cuban hospital. The president "is in good physical condition," his vice president told the National Assembly, prompting cries of "Onward, comadante,... More »

Chavez Needs More Surgery

Venezuelan leader says doctors find lesion near site of tumor

(Newser) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said today he has to have more surgery after doctors in Cuba found a new lesion in the same place where he had a tumor removed last year. The announcement thrust Venezuelan politics into new uncertainty because the 57-year-old socialist leader is seeking re-election this year,... More »

Chavez Suggest US Gave World Leaders Cancer

Secret cancer-causing technology could be at work, he speculates

(Newser) - Argentina's Cristina Fernandez has become the latest Latin American leader to be diagnosed with cancer , prompting Hugo Chavez to wonder if the US is to blame. "Would it be strange if they had developed a technology to induce cancer, and for no one to know it?" pondered the... More »

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