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Armstrong: Late Hubby Threatened to Kill Me

...over pizza, Real Housewife claims

(Newser) - Taylor Armstrong certainly isn’t heeding that advice about not speaking ill of the dead: In an interview airing tonight on ET and obtained by the AP , the Real Housewife details the abuse she says she received at the hands of estranged husband Russell, who killed himself last month. Once,... More »

Inside Real Housewives Hubby's Last 'Interview'

Russell Armstrong's suicide came as a shock to 'The Fix' founder

(Newser) - Addiction and recovery site The Fix has what it bills as “Russell Armstrong’s Final Interview,” although it’s actually a recounting of a business meeting the Real Housewives husband had with site founder Maer Roshan two months before his suicide . Roshan paints Armstrong, who was interested in... More »

Russell Armstrong Suicide: Real Housewives to Blame?

Media offer up quite a few theories

(Newser) - After Russell Armstrong's suicide , one question is apparently on everyone's mind: Is Real Housewives to blame? The Los Angeles Times , Christian Science Monitor , and two separate Daily Beast stories all delve into that question, noting that Armstrong's marriage troubles were splashed all over television during the first... More »

3 Stories