Jimmy Leeward

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Reno Crash Toll Hits 9; Feds Investigate

7 died on the tarmac; 2 at hospitals

(Newser) - The death toll in the terrifying crash of a World War II-era plane during a Reno air race has risen to at least nine people, including the pilot and eight spectators, authorities said today. The deaths include seven who were killed on the tarmac and two others who died at... More »

74-Year-Old Shouldn't Be Flying a 'Hot Rod'

Air shows like Reno's put spectators at risk: Clive Irving

(Newser) - Witnesses may be praising the Reno pilot killed in yesterday's air show crash, but aviation blogger Clive Irving has one key question: "What was a 74-year-old pilot doing in a souped-up World War II fighter flying in an air race?" he asks at the Daily Beast . The deadly... More »

Witnesses Praise Reno Pilot for Last-Ditch Maneuvers

They think Jimmy Leeward, 74, kept it from being worse

(Newser) - As horrific as yesterday's crash at an air race event in Reno was, witnesses say it could have been worse if not for last-second maneuvers by the veteran pilot. "If he wouldn't have pulled up, he would have taken out the entire bleacher section," one dad... More »

3 Stories