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One Forecast Gives Ryan 54% Chance of Being Nominee

Ryan himself: 'No, I've already said that's not me'

(Newser) - Paul Ryan, a man who is not running for president and swears that he doesn't want the job, continues to get about as much press about it as the official remaining candidates. In his Politico Playbook on Monday, Mike Allen talks to a Republican in the know who "... More »

Adelson: Newt 'At the End of His Line'

Billionaire backer acknowledges Gingrich probably can't win

(Newser) - Looks like even Newt Gingrich's biggest financial backer knows it's all but over for the GOP presidential candidate, the Los Angeles Times reports. "It appears as though he’s at the end of his—at the end of his line," said billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson... More »

Romney to Obama: Fire 'Gas- Hike Trio'

Mitt blames president for high gas prices

(Newser) - President Obama is not only responsible for high gas prices, he actually wants them, and he needs to can the three Cabinet secretaries who share the blame, Mitt Romney charged today. "When he ran for office he said he wanted to see gasoline prices go up, he said that... More »

Republicans Brace for Brokered Convention

Leaders dusting off rule books, readying for big fight

(Newser) - For much of American history, brokered conventions were the norm, but the two big parties have not had one since Democrats chose Adlai Stevenson in 1952. The Republicans' last brokered convention was 1948 when they picked Thomas Dewey (Gerald Ford beat Ronald Reagan on the first ballot in 1976). But... More »

Michael Steele: Brokered Convention Was 'My Goal'

Ex-GOP chair aimed for a more exciting primary season

(Newser) - As the GOP nomination process drags on, odds against Republicans seem to be increasing: Voter turnout has dropped, and independents are fleeing Mitt Romney. Turns out, however, that the lengthy contest is just what the former GOP head sought in the first place. "I wanted a brokered convention,"... More »

Sarah Palin 'Not Closing Door' to Becoming Nominee

She defends Limbaugh, votes for Newt

(Newser) - Sarah Palin says she won't rule out entering the White House race if the Republicans end up with an open convention in August. "Anything is possible. I don't close any doors that perhaps would be open out there, so, no, I wouldn't close that door,"... More »

Ann Coulter: Jeb's Going to Run

And 'we don't need another Bush'

(Newser) - Ann Coulter today added to the chatter about a white knight riding in to swipe the GOP nomination at a brokered convention—and the Mitt Romney supporter is none too pleased about the prospect, reports Politico . "It looks like we can throw Jeb Bush's hat into the ring,... More »

Contested Convention Would Be Disastrous

David Frum explains how it would pan out

(Newser) - As the GOP struggles to settle on a candidate , some are talking about a "brokered convention," at which party leaders would choose the nominee. But today's parties don't have the kind of power players that used to dominate the political scene—and "you can't... More »

Scarborough: Conservatives Want Brokered Convention

Meaning neither Romney nor Gingrich would be the nominee

(Newser) - Joe Scarborough today made the case that conservatives are happy Newt Gingrich is surging again—not because they want him to be the nominee but because they think he can prolong the fight against Mitt Romney, trigger a brokered convention, and let a different savior swoop in to save the... More »

9 Stories