Patrick J. Witt

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'Joke' Rape Film Sparks UConn Uproar

Video scrubbed from UCTV following protests

(Newser) - What is it with New England universities? Just days after news broke that a sex assault accusation may have scuttled a Yale quarterback's chance at a Rhodes Scholarship comes word of a "joke" rape video aired on the University of Connecticut's student broadcast network. The "comedy... More »

Yale Daily News Sat on QB Sex Assault Story

And considered calling for a private jet to be hired for Patrick Witt

(Newser) - The Patrick Witt sex assault story gets messier: The Yale Daily News, which was just last year named the one of the gutsiest campus newspapers , knew for months that the Yale quarterback and onetime Rhodes candidate had been accused of sexual assault, but sat on the story. On Jim Romenesko'... More »

Sex Attack Claim Axed Rhodes Bid by Yale Star

Patrick J. Witt had said he decided to skip final interview to play against Harvard

(Newser) - It turns out Yale's star quarterback didn't have to make a wrenching decision after all when he turned his back on a potential Rhodes Scholarship. Patrick J. Witt announced late last year that after much agony he opted to skip his final interview for the prestigious award and... More »

3 Stories