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New Worry in Hard-Hit Town: Blood Tests Over Water

Chemical turns up in Newburgh, NY

(Newser) - In the struggling city of Newburgh, New York, residents beset by poverty, high crime, and boarded-up homes now have an entirely new worry—that their tap water may have exposed them to a chemical linked to cancer. State officials have launched an ambitious effort to offer blood tests to Newburgh'... More »

Water in Flint, Michigan, Looks 'Like Urine,' and Worse

After nearly a year of complaints, state may be taking action

(Newser) - A public health emergency was declared in Flint, Michigan, yesterday over the state of the city's drinking water—and a story in the Detroit News illustrates just how bad the situation is. Ashley Holt, 25, tells the paper that the water coming out of her faucet looks "like... More »

'Freaked Out' Scientist Finds Formaldehyde in W. Virginia Water

He tells lawmakers that he's not drinking it

(Newser) - Scientists have found trace amounts of formaldehyde in water from Charleston, West Virginia, weeks after a huge chemical spill. After two chemicals from Freedom Industries leaked into the Elk River around Jan. 9, about 300,000 local residents were quickly told not to drink the water running through their pipes.... More »

Tons of Fukushima's Tainted Water Entering Pacific

And we literally mean tons, some 300 a day

(Newser) - Things have gone from bad to worse to this at Fukushima: A government official says roughly 300 tons of contaminated water are leaking from the crippled nuclear plant into the Pacific each day. The New York Times paints a mental picture: That's enough to fill one Olympic-sized pool per... More »

EPA Budget Cuts Could Imperil ... Beachgoers?

It plans to kill $10M in grants used to test tainted water

(Newser) - Swimmers, beware: You may want to stick with sand, not surf, this summer. The EPA is feeling the financial squeeze, and this week submitted a budget request that eliminates $10 million in grants that are used to test for polluted water and post warning signs. The EPA says the burden... More »

5 Stories