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Murkowski Regrets Vote on Birth Control

Alaska senator rethinks support of Blunt amendment

(Newser) - Lisa Murkowski says she's had a change of heart on the Blunt amendment , and would vote against it if given a second chance. The Alaska Republican has taken heat from moderate women back home for supporting the amendment, which would have allowed employers to opt out of any health... More »

63% Back Birth Control Coverage

No big surprise that Democratic support outweighs that of the GOP

(Newser) - The Senate knocked down the Blunt contraception amendment 51-48 yesterday, but had America voted, it may have looked something more like 63-37. In the country at large, some 63% back federal rules requiring private insurers to cover birth control, the New York Times reports. But the issue is heavily partisan:... More »

Rush: Want Birth Control? Post Sex Videos in Return

Limbaugh also offers aspirin for women to 'put between knees'

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh isn't quieting down about birth control. After calling a Georgetown law student who supports health insurance coverage for birth control a "slut," he's now insisting that women who want contraceptive coverage should "pay" in return by posting sex videos of themselves online. "... More »

Senate Kills Measure to Reverse Birth Control Rule

Roy Blunt amendment on contraception coverage fails

(Newser) - The Senate today defeated a GOP effort to roll back President Obama's policy on contraception insurance coverage, the first vote on an issue that raised questions of religious and women's rights in this volatile election year. The 51-48 vote killed an amendment from Republican Roy Blunt that would... More »

Romney Accused of Birth Control Flip-Flop

Obama, Santorum campaigns pounce on Blunt amendment answer

(Newser) - The Obama and Santorum campaigns cried "flip-flop" yesterday after Mitt Romney took both sides on a Senate bill rolling back a requirement for employer health plans to cover birth control. "I’m not for the bill, but look, the idea of presidential candidates getting into questions about contraception... More »

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