Blunt amendment

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Murkowski Regrets Vote on Birth Control

Alaska senator rethinks support of Blunt amendment

(Newser) - Lisa Murkowski says she's had a change of heart on the Blunt amendment , and would vote against it if given a second chance. The Alaska Republican has taken heat from moderate women back home for supporting the amendment, which would have allowed employers to opt out of any health... More »

63% Back Birth Control Coverage

No big surprise that Democratic support outweighs that of the GOP

(Newser) - The Senate knocked down the Blunt contraception amendment 51-48 yesterday, but had America voted, it may have looked something more like 63-37. In the country at large, some 63% back federal rules requiring private insurers to cover birth control, the New York Times reports. But the issue is heavily partisan:... More »

Rush: Want Birth Control? Post Sex Videos in Return

Limbaugh also offers aspirin for women to 'put between knees'

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh isn't quieting down about birth control. After calling a Georgetown law student who supports health insurance coverage for birth control a "slut," he's now insisting that women who want contraceptive coverage should "pay" in return by posting sex videos of themselves online. "... More »

Romney Accused of Birth Control Flip-Flop

Obama, Santorum campaigns pounce on Blunt amendment answer

(Newser) - The Obama and Santorum campaigns cried "flip-flop" yesterday after Mitt Romney took both sides on a Senate bill rolling back a requirement for employer health plans to cover birth control. "I’m not for the bill, but look, the idea of presidential candidates getting into questions about contraception... More »

4 Stories