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Socialists Secure Majority in France

Strong showing leaves Francois Hollande free to implement policy

(Newser) - As predicted , the left coalition led by the Socialist Party has cruised to a majority win in the National Assembly's lower house, taking 314 of 577 seats, reports the Wall Street Journal . The win gives the Socialists, who already control the upper-house Senate, total control of the National Assembly—... More »

DSK to Resume Bid for Presidency?

Missed deadline makes Socialist nomination tricky

(Newser) - If the judge dismisses the sexual assault charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn today as expected, Strauss-Kahn could be on a plane bound for France within hours—and ready to re-enter the French presidential race, reports the Guardian . Although Strauss-Kahn missed the July deadline for joining the Socialist party's primary, another... More »

Poll: French Voters Prefer DSK to Sarkozy

But most don't want Strauss-Kahn to run

(Newser) - If French voters had to choose between Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Nicolas Sarkozy in next year's presidential election, the incumbent would be out of a job, a new poll finds. Some 54% would opt for the former IMF chief currently charged with attempted rape, according to the Independent , which notes... More »

As Case Implodes, Strauss-Kahn Allies Eye Presidency

Turnaround in case shakes up French politics

(Newser) - Dominique Strauss-Kahn's old job has been filled, but supporters waking to the news that the sexual assault case against him is collapsing have a new one in mind for him: president of France. Before his arrest, the former IMF chief was considered a leading contender to unseat Nicolas Sarkozy... More »

Portugal Gov't Verges on Collapse

Country could soon go the way of Greece, Ireland

(Newser) - Today promises to be a tumultuous day in Portugal, with all signs pointing to the resignation of Prime Minister Jose Socrates and the collapse of his minority Socialist administration. The country’s parliament is expected to vote down Socrates’ austerity plan, a move the prime minister contends will force the... More »

Sarkozy's Party Creamed by Left in French Vote

Socialist Party comes out ahead in French regional elections

(Newser) - Dissatisfied French voters dealt Nicolas Sarkozy's center-right ruling party a major blow in regional elections yesterday. Amid record-low turnout, Socialist and other leftist candidates dominated the first round of votes for France's 26 regional governments, AP reports. The far-right National Front also had its strongest showing in years. More »

Scare Tactics Backfire: Socialists Gain Popularity

(Newser) - Tea Party and Republican strategists who've been quick to label everything from the economic stimulus to health care reform with the dreaded word "socialist" are inadvertently bringing new interest and attention to the cause they claim to fear and oppose. The Democratic Socialists of America partly credits increased attention... More »

Socialists Win Big in Greek Election

Left-wing government set for power as voters turn on conservatives

(Newser) - Socialists won a thumping victory in a snap Greek election yesterday as voters threw out a conservative government after corruption scandals and poor response to a string of devastating wildfires. The socialists won 43% of the vote, 9 points ahead of the ruling party, and will have an absolute majority... More »

Ooops: Socialist Quote Sure to Dog Sotomayor

Princeton yearbook cites would-be prez Norman Thomas

(Newser) - Conservatives are likely to go crazy any second now, when they realize that Sonia Sotomayor is a (gasp) socialist. Sotomayor’s Princeton yearbook quote—“I am not a champion of lost causes, but of causes not yet won”—is from Norman Thomas, a six-time presidential candidate of the... More »

Merde! French Rapper Sparks Feminist Fury

Lyrics threaten to break lovers arm, legs

(Newser) - A French musician's rap about beating his girlfriend has so enraged activists that they're lobbying to have him banned from an upcoming rock festival, the Guardian reports. OrelSan sings about a broken arm, broken legs, and a wished-for miscarriage and "slow death" for his lover in his song Sale ... More »

Unable to Fix Economy, Hungary's PM Steps Down

(Newser) - Hungary’s Socialist prime minister will step down so that a leader more adept at managing the country’s dire economic straits can take over, Reuters reports. “I hear that I am the obstacle to the cooperation required for changes,” Ferenc Gyurcsany told a meeting of his party.... More »

Aubry Will Lead French Socialist Party After Vote

Rival Royal refuses to accept outcome of contentious recount

(Newser) - Martine Aubry has edged out rival Ségolène Royal to become the leader of France’s Socialist Party, the BBC reports. A recount of last week’s vote, requested by Royal, actually widened Aubry’s winning margin. Royal, the party’s presidential candidate last year, said she would not... More »

Royal Ahead as French Left Picks Leader

Defeated presidential candidate goes into runoff with big lead

(Newser) - Ségolène Royal has emerged as the strongest candidate to take over France's Socialist Party as a bitter leadership contest goes to a runoff today, Reuters reports. Royal, defeated by Nicolas Sarkozy in last year's presidential race, will face Martine Aubry, the mayor of Lille who as a minister... More »

Gay Paris Mayor Sets Sights on Presidency

Delanoë, ahead in opposition polls, says France is ready

(Newser) - The battle is on for the leadership of France's opposition Socialist Party, and a man who says the nation is ready for a gay president is the surprise leader, the Telegraph reports. Bertrand Delanoë, the popular mayor of Paris, is the early favorite, outpolling Ségolène Royal, who lost... More »

Socialist Party Wins in Spain

But ruling party will fall short of majority in parliament

(Newser) - Spain's Socialist Party overcame a sputtering economy and the murder of a former councilor to win today's national election, the BBC reports. "The Spanish people have spoken clearly and have decided to open a new period without tension, without confrontation," Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero told a... More »

Spain Divided Ahead of Big Vote

Nasty campaign will weigh in on Zapatero era

(Newser) - Spaniards are bitterly divided between the ruling Socialist Party and right-wing Popular Party as they head for the polls tomorrow, the Washington Post reports. Polls do not predict a majority for Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's socialists or the Mariano Rajoy-led Popular Party, but much will depend on the... More »

Ségolène Royal Blasts Ex-Lover in New Book

French prez candidate blames her party for her election loss

(Newser) - A new book by Ségolène Royal hits stores in France today, writes the Times of London, and the unsuccessful presidential candidate apologizes for nothing in a fierce, at times vengeful 330 pages. Royal directs much of the blame for her defeat at her own Socialist party and particularly... More »

France Passes Controversial DNA Immigration Bill

DNA testing has citizens up in arms

(Newser) - France's hotly contested immigration bill that includes provisions for DNA testing passed the legislature yesterday. The bill tightens restrictions on would-be immigrants applying for entry to reunite with family members already in the country, and could include DNA testing to prove they're related to people living in France. More »

French Lefty Makes an Unlikely Hawk

Kouchner pleases US with Iran rumblings, but he's no sure thing

(Newser) - The founder of Doctors Without Borders might seem a peculiar mouthpiece for the new law-and-order regime of Nicolas Sarkozy, but Bernard Kouchner actually fits right in with France’s more muscular foreign policy tone. The surprise choice for foreign minister,  Kouchner is an anomaly, a Socialist who supports the... More »

Royal, Now Solo, Comes Back to Politics

Defeated candidate forgives her ex but goes after his job

(Newser) - Defeated for the French presidency and newly single, Ségolène Royal is relaunching her political career with a tell-all in one of the country's mass-market celebrity mags. And not just any celebrity mag: She's on the cover of Paris Match, employer of the other woman in her relationship with... More »

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