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Brad Pitt Almost Got Sued Over Slave Snub

Paramount felt it should have been offered the film

(Newser) - ( More ) Hollywood drama: Brad Pitt narrowly managed to avoid a lawsuit from Paramount, according to Page Six 's sources. The studio felt it should have been offered 12 Years a Slave by Plan B, Pitt's production company, with whom it had a "first-look deal."... More »

Tinseltown Not Run by Jews? I'm Insulted

(Newser) - Just 22% of Americans say Jews run Hollywood, and one Jew is insulted: "It just shows how dumb America has gotten," Joel Stein writes in the Los Angeles Times. "Jews totally run Hollywood." Looking through the trades, he could find only eight Gentiles holding powerful positions... More »

Spielberg May Split From Paramount

Angry director could pack up DreamWorks and leave studio

(Newser) - Steven Spielberg is so disillusioned with Paramount Pictures that he may bail on the studio, which less than 2 years ago bought the director's DreamWorks for $1.53 billion. The legend behind Jaws, E.T.,  and Transformers is furious that Paramount takes credit for his movies and mistreats his... More »

3 Stories