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Bubba Smith, NFL's 'Gentle Giant,' Had CTE When He Died

Player-turned-actor was one stage away from full-blown dementia: researchers

(Newser) - Before he played Moses Hightower in the Police Academy franchise, Charles "Bubba" Smith took some hard hits on the football field as a Pro Bowl player and defensive end for the Baltimore Colts, among other teams. And those hits during his 10 seasons in the league were apparently enough... More »

23-Year-Old Leaves NFL Over Concussions

AJ Tarpley is walking away to preserve his health

(Newser) - A 23-year-old is walking away from the NFL because of concussions. AJ Tarpley, a second-year linebacker on the Buffalo Bills, announced on Instagram Wednesday that he's had four concussions, two of them suffered last season, and has decided "after months of introspection" and research to retire from the... More »

Colder Game Days More Dangerous for NFL Players

Players at higher risk for concussions when playing in the cold

(Newser) - Amid the furor over concussions in the NFL, a new study finds that players are at a higher risk for the injuries during games played when it's colder out. Researchers looked at injury report data from all 32 NFL teams for the 2012-13 and the 2013-14 regular seasons, and... More »

Emails: Sony Changed Concussion to Please NFL

Studio didn't want to 'kick hornet's nest'

(Newser) - Sony execs must be wondering if the fallout from last year's hack will ever end. The trailer for Concussion was released Monday, followed swiftly by reports that Sony Pictures had watered down the Will Smith drama to avoid the NFL's wrath. The movie focuses on the story of... More »

Youth Football Could Hurt Memory Later in Life

A new study finds that those who started playing before age 12 perform worse

(Newser) - It's no secret that football and concussions go hand in hand; studies looking at the brains of deceased and retired NFL players have found a high prevalence of neuro trauma and cognitive deficits. But new research out this week in the journal Neurology calls into question whether kids should... More »

Brutal Beating Turns Man Into Math Whiz

Jason Padget can visualize math objects since savage attack

(Newser) - A furniture salesman from Tacoma, Washington, is now a math whiz who can easily visualize mathematical objects—and all it took was a few blows to the head, LiveScience reports. Jason Padget was leaving a karaoke bar in 2002 when two men savagely beat him, leaving him with PTSD, a... More »

Teen: Concussions Gave Me Musical Gift

Lachlan Connors says lacrosse injuries 'rewired' his brain with musical talent

(Newser) - A Denver teen doesn't credit his parents or music teacher for his musical genius, he thanks ... lacrosse. Specifically, concussions he sustained while playing the sport, injuries that he says brought on his musical gift. Bummed about not being able to play contact sports after the injuries, which brought on... More »

Inside the Fight for Junior Seau's Brain

How the NFL directed Seau's brain to the NIH

(Newser) - An in-depth report from Frontline and ESPN's Outside the Lines describes the fight for Junior Seau's brain following his suicide last year—a fight that ESPN reporters Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru, who are working on a book and documentary about brain injuries in football, call "a... More »

Hillary Clinton Back to Work Next Week

She's been out 3 weeks after virus, concussion

(Newser) - Conspiracy theorists, take note: Hillary Clinton will be back to work next week, reports Foreign Policy . The secretary of state has been out of commission for about three weeks because of a stomach virus and concussion , though critics accused her of making it all up to avoid testifying before Congress... More »

State Defends Clinton From Concussion Conspirators

Conservatives think she's faking it

(Newser) - A State Department spokeswoman had to make an unusual statement today: Yes, my boss is really sick. She was referring to a slew of conservatives insisting that Hillary Clinton made up a story about fainting and suffering a concussion to avoid testifying on Capitol Hill this week on the Benghazi... More »

Hillary Clinton Faints, Suffers Concussion

She's recovering at home, will miss Benghazi hearings

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton fainted earlier this week and suffered a concussion, reports the AP and Politico . She is recovering at home and will work from there next week, says the State Department, adding that Clinton had been dehydrated because of a stomach virus. The development means that Clinton will not testify... More »

Soccer 'Heading' May Harm Brain

New study finds injuries in players who've never had a concussion

(Newser) - First football came under fire for harming players' brains; now soccer could be in for the same treatment. A new study finds that soccer players who repeatedly engage in "heading," hitting the ball with their heads, may suffer brain damage even if they never get a concussion. Researchers... More »

Bieber Knocks Himself Out Slamming Into Glass Wall

Singer suffers concussion in Paris accident

(Newser) - More bad news for Justin Bieber: He knocked himself out after crashing into a glass wall in Paris. The singer walked headlong into the wall shortly before his last number at a private performance in an undisclosed highrise in the city. "It really hurt, and I felt light-headed, but... More »

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