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CEO Salary Bigger Than Tax Bill at 7 Top Companies

Some of top 30 firms got more from feds than they paid

(Newser) - Two Washington think tanks have some jarring figures in a report outlining the case for corporate tax reform: Seven of the top 30 US firms pay more to their CEOs than they pay in federal income tax, according to the Institute for Policy Studies and the Center for Effective Government... More »

Nintendo Will Lose Money on Every Wii U Sold

Company joins Sony, Microsoft in giving up some profit

(Newser) - Nintendo will be selling its upcoming Wii U console at a loss, the company revealed yesterday, as it cut its profit forecast. Nintendo is expecting the move to pay off in the long run, through sales of additional hardware, and future cuts in its production costs, the BBC explains. "... More »

Apple's Samsung Apology Mocks 'Not as Cool' Tablet

Uses judge's own words in public posting

(Newser) - Remember when Apple was ordered to post an embarrassing mea culpa on its UK website, proclaiming publicly that Samsung didn't copy the iPad? Well, Apple has complied —and in the court-ordered 14-point font —but with a distinct lack of contrition, quoting extensively from the judge's ruling... More »

Barclays Execs Under Another Investigation

And bank set aside hundreds of millions for misselling derivatives

(Newser) - Barclays raised a whole bunch of eyebrows when it released its earnings today—and in the process revealed, among other things, that current and former senior executives were under an investigation totally unrelated to the Libor. UK regulators are looking into whether the bank sufficiently disclosed details of the $11.... More »

Facebook Beats Estimates in First Earnings

Though company lost $157M overall

(Newser) - Facebook reported its first quarterly earnings since going public today, and though the company lost $157 million, or 8 cents per share, it performed better than analysts were expecting, Bloomberg reports. Facebook's total revenues rose to $1.18 billion on strong advertising sales, meaning that if not for "... More »

JPMorgan Trading Loss Worse Than Expected, But...

...It barely dented the firm's Q2 profits

(Newser) - JPMorgan reported a $4.4 billion trading loss this morning, a figure far worse than analysts were expecting, in the wake of the "London Whale" fiasco. That drove the bank's earnings down 8.7%, but still left it with $4.96 billion in profit for the second quarter,... More »

How RIM Killed the BlackBerry

Co-CEOs, resistance to innovation hurt company

(Newser) - Research in Motion is announcing its earnings today, and they're "going to be terrible with a scoop of worse for August," an analyst tells CNET . How did things get so bad for the BlackBerry maker? It started at the top, the Wall Street Journal says in a... More »

Great, Now the Private Sector's Tanking, Too

Signs of life in consumer spending might help recovery, say economists

(Newser) - The private sector has been the lone strength in the US economy since 2009, with business investment and corporate earnings leading the underwhelming recovery. Until now, that is. As the dollar strengthens and economies around the world are slowing, the private sector appears headed for a tough patch, writes Paul... More »

Guess How Much Facebook Makes Off You?

A little less than 5 bucks, according to their latest earnings

(Newser) - Ever wonder how much money you're worth to Facebook? Earlier we reported that the social network supreme had a really lousy quarter , but Tech Crunch dug deeper into the numbers and did this interesting bit of math: Facebook reported having 901 million users and $1.058 billion in revenue.... More »

Facebook Reports Lousy Q1 Ahead of IPO

Revenue and profit dip, scaring analysts

(Newser) - People planning on snapping up Facebook shares in its upcoming IPO got a nasty surprise as the company announced its first quarter-to-quarter revenue and profit slide in at least two years. Facebook blamed the drop on seasonal advertising trends, but "it was a much faster slowdown than we would... More »

VW Reports Record Profit

Net earnings more than double

(Newser) - Volkswagen reported a record annual profit today, as its net income more than doubled last year. The company sold 8 million vehicles for the first time in its 75-year history, the New York Times reports. While its full report won't be out until March 12, initial numbers released today... More »

Chrysler Roars to $225M Profit

Finishes first profitable year since its bankruptcy

(Newser) - Call it a comeback if you want, because it looks like Chrysler is finally back on its feet. Detroit's smallest automaker posted a $225 million profit today to complete its first profitable year since its bankruptcy and bailout in 2009, the New York Times reports. The profit came on... More »

Apple Earnings Soar on Huge iPhone Sales

Company sells 37M as earnings double

(Newser) - Apple's first quarter since the death of Steve Jobs went very, very well: The company reported that net income doubled to a record $13.1 billion from the same period last year, reports MarketWatch . That translates to $13.87 per share, beating by a mile analysts' estimates of about... More »

Goldman Posts $428M Loss

It's the second time it's ever lost money as a public company

(Newser) - It was a bad three months to be a vampire squid: Goldman Sachs reported a $428 million third-quarter loss today, or 84 cents a share—far worse than the 16 cents per share that analysts were expecting, according to Reuters . The blow came largely thanks to $2.48 billion in... More »

Apple Profit Shoots Up 125%

...and that's without any new product launches

(Newser) - Apple shocked analysts yesterday by posting a whopping 125% leap in its fiscal third-quarter profits—a feat it achieved without releasing any major new products in the past six months. And with a number of new products scheduled for the second half of 2011, this could be just the tip... More »

Facebook Posts Killer Earnings: Report

IPO speculation heats up as word leaks that earnings could hit $2B

(Newser) - Speculation about a Facebook IPO heated up today, after sources who have seen the company's recent financials told the Wall Street Journal that its earnings were a lot better than expected. The company is now on pace to earn more than $2 billion this year before taxes, interest, depreciation,... More »

Exxon Scores $11B in Profits

It's oil giant's best quarter since 2008

(Newser) - Gas prices are soaring, and so are Exxon Mobil's profits. The oil giant raked in $10.65 billion in profits in the first quarter of 2011, its best performance since the gas price spike of 2008. The $2.14-per-share profit well exceeded analysts' $2.04 estimates, the AP reports.... More »

Chrysler Only Lost $199M This Quarter

Expects to be profitable next year

(Newser) - Chrysler lost $199 million in the fourth quarter, but that qualified as good news for the beleaguered automaker—after all, it lost a whopping $2.7 billion over the same period in 2009, the AP reports. The company says it expects to jump to profitability in 2011, setting the stage... More »

GM Earns $2B in Q3

Biggest quarterly profit in more than a decade

(Newser) - General Motors has reported a $2 billion third-quarter profit, its biggest quarterly report in 11 years. The figure shows that GM doesn’t need to sell big to earn big anymore, writes Nick Bunkley in the New York Times . A week before its initial public offering—which will reduce the... More »

Goldman Earnings Jump 91%

Meanwhile, British launch piggyback fraud investigation

(Newser) - Goldman Sachs earnings cruised past analysts' estimates to a whopping 91% gain in the first quarter, which might be great news if it didn't come while the bank is mired in fraud allegations. CEO Lloyd Blankfein seemed almost defensive, noting that the performance “reflects more signs of growth across... More »

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