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McDonald's Ditches 7 Sandwiches in Menu Reboot

Say goodbye to the Quarter Pounder Deluxe and a lot of chicken

(Newser) - If the McDonald's Quarter Pounder Deluxe is a staple, you'll need a new go-to meal. The Golden Arches is axing that particular burger, six chicken sandwiches, and a handful of other offerings, Bloomberg reports, in an initiative meant to cut service times and even add healthier fare. The... More »

'300 Sandwiches' Writer Draws Feminist Scorn

Woman is trading sandwiches for engagement ring

(Newser) - What’s a normal exchange for an engagement ring nowadays? Years of love and affection? Undying loyalty? Well, for one young lady, the answer is sandwiches … and lots of 'em! New York Post reporter Stephanie Smith stepped out of the kitchen Tuesday, revealing herself to be the previously... More »

Pizza Hut Launches P'Zolo, With Eye on Subway

Meat-stuffed sandwich unveiled this week

(Newser) - Pizza Hut is entering the sandwich arena and going after fast-food powerhouse Subway with the launch of a new offering this week, the P'Zolo. The $3 P'Zolo premieres in three flavors—Italian Steak, Buffalo Chicken, and Meat Trio—and "looks like a cross between a sub, a... More »

3 Stories