green-on-blue killings

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Afghan Policewoman Kills US Adviser

It's the latest in a rising tide of insider attacks

(Newser) - An Afghan policewoman shot and killed an American adviser outside the police headquarters in Kabul today, senior Afghan officials said. The killing of the American, who worked as a contractor with the NATO command, was the first known insider attack by a woman in Afghanistan, and the latest in a... More »

Rocked by 'Friendly' Attacks, NATO Yanks Afghan Training

With 'green-on-blue' attacks rising, coalition pauses to re-vet recruits

(Newser) - With NATO forces in Afghanistan struggling to stop attacks from their own allies, training for all new recruits has been suspended while the 27,000 Afghan troops who work with the coalition can be re-screened for insurgency ties, reports the Washington Post . So far this year, so-called "green-on-blue" attacks... More »

Afghan Soldier Kills 2 US Troops ... Accidentally?

10 Afghan troops dead in separate incident

(Newser) - Two more US troops were killed in Afghanistan by an Afghan soldier today, and while this brings the number of Americans killed at their colleagues' hands in August to 12, Afghan officials say these deaths were actually accidental. An Afghan army rep tells the AP that US and Afghan soldiers... More »

Ramadan Fasting Fueling Afghan Attacks on Troops

Coalition commander suggests it could be raising stress

(Newser) - First Hamid Karzai suggested the attacks by Afghan forces on US troops and other allies were really occurring at the hands of " foreign spies ." Now American and Afghan officials are suggesting a surprising alternative: Ramadan. Officials say it isn't the main cause; however, they believe that the... More »

3 US Troops Killed by Afghan Police at Dinner

Special forces members had been invited to meal to talk about security

(Newser) - Three US special forces troops were shot dead last night by an Afghan police commander and his men, who had invited the Americans to a dinner in Helmand province to discuss security, reports Reuters . "During dinner, the police commander and his colleagues shot them and then fled," said... More »

5 Stories