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Amazon Might Doom Itself With Own Success

Evan Hughes: Killing traditional bookstores will harm company in long run

(Newser) - Amazon seems unstoppable right about now, thanks in part to court decisions like this one . On top of that, Barnes & Noble is reeling , as are brick-and-mortar bookstores in general. But Amazon better hold the celebration, because if it puts traditional bookstores out of business, it's only going to... More »

Microsoft to Open Mini-Stores in Best Buy

Partnership will be bigger than chain's deal with others

(Newser) - Microsoft has unveiled plans for "store-within-a-store" sections in Best Buy stores, becoming the latest major consumer electronics maker to acknowledge advantages of the brick-and-mortar format. The sections will begin opening this month and offer Windows-based PCs, tablets, Xbox, and accessories, as well as trained staff to explain Windows 8... More »

Store Institutes $5 'Just Looking' Fee

'I'm not here to dispense a charity service for Coles and Woolworths'

(Newser) - Attention, showroomers : An Australia specialty food store has implemented a $5 fee for "just looking." Two Reddit users brought attention to the Celiac Supplies store, posting photos of a sign out front explaining the policy, which promises to deduct the $5 when customers buy something. "There has... More »

Target: OK, We'll Match Amazon Prices

Will also match prices of,

(Newser) - Target is sick and tired of you walking out of its stores without buying anything—because you looked on your smartphone and found Amazon was cheaper. So its CEO today announced a new price-matching policy to combat the practice (known as " showrooming "), MarketWatch reports. Now, customers who... More »

Toys 'R' Us Launching Tablet for Kids

Tabeo on sale Oct. 21

(Newser) - Toys 'R' Us is struggling, and in a bid to remain competitive, the toy giant is introducing its own proprietary tablet for kids this fall. The $149.99 Tabeo runs on Android and includes 50 pre-loaded apps such as Angry Birds, the Wall Street Journal reports. The tablet, which... More »

5 Stories