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Stingy Airlines Redeem Few Miles

Study shows big carriers turn down most requests

(Newser) - If you're hoping to redeem some of your frequent flier miles on US Airways or Delta, good luck. Those two airlines could fulfill just 10.7% and 12.9% of standard mileage award requests in a recent study, and while best-in-class Southwest could fulfill 99.3%, other US carriers didn't... More »

Mint Unwittingly Finances Tahiti Trip, and More

Frequent fliers buy dollar coins—at cost—with credit cards

(Newser) - Crafty frequent fliers have racked up thousands of free miles by buying coins from the US Mint on their credit cards, and then taking them right back to the bank. The Mint, which ships free of charge in order to get more in circulation, finally got wise to “large... More »

American Stiffens Frequent-Flier Rules

Fees see an increase in a move to cut costs

(Newser) - American Airlines has added stiffer fees and higher mileage requirements to its frequent-flier program as the airline struggles to cope with fuel costs, the New York Times reports. American, which posted a $1.16 billion loss for the second quarter, is following the lead of Delta, which tightened the purse... More »

Tips for Frequent Fliers

Some ways to get more out of your miles

(Newser) - You sat in plenty of stuffy cabins to earn those frequent-flier miles: make sure you get a good trip out of them. Travel and Leisure runs down the best ways to earn miles and use them efficiently.
  1. Stick with one airline: The more you commit to a single airline, the
... More »

Frequent Flier Program Soars in Value

United weighs selling off Mileage Plus, worth $2B more than carrier

(Newser) - United Airlines' frequent flier program may be worth more than the carrier itself, according to projections for a still-speculative sell-off. The program would be worth about $7.5 billion, a Bear Stearns analyst says; United makes $19.3 billion a year, but its overall value is only about $5.45... More »

5 Stories